This Sunday, December 8th, what are you going to watch?

  • Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1
  • Watchmen Episode 8

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They’re both on at the same time, so you gotta make a decision. What are ya gonna watch?

(And if you stream everything, let’s amend it to what are you gonna watch first?)

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Crisis is on at 8 and Watchmen’s at 9, so you can still watch them back-to-back w/out having to choose. That said, as much as I loved last week’s Watchmen, Crisis is easily the priority tonight

I am gonna watch Crisis episode 1 and then Aftermath and then I will probably watch Watchmen on Demand. I dig Watchmen but I am so ready for Crisis on Infinite Earths

First: the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer


I get the east and west coast feeds of HBO, so I can catch my current fav’rit (Watchmen) while having plenty of time for the fountain of badassery that is sure to be CW’s COIE.

Goooo Sunday DC TV! :metal:

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I’ve been waiting for crisis to start for a while. Plus I don’t have hbo.