This is how JT dies and I'm fine with it

The joker will probably never be on Titans

This is fine.

There’s just enough storyline for him to go after Dick.

The only Jason I enjoy is the Red Hood

If Jason dies, I’m probably gonna stop watching. He’s my favorite character. I think Superboy’s gonna fly in and save him anyways, at least he better.

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Gotta live long enough to wear the hood…

Technically the joker has been on Titans and I doubt they’ll have him killed off so soon.

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Jason dying this early in the show doesn’t settle well with me. If they want to make the show more accurate than it already is, they should keep him alive. At least until they find an actor for the Joker.

Plus he’s my favorite Robin that titans has introduced

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Why are more people voting for JT to die instead of giving him a chance? Dude’s one of the better characters this whole series. Seriously, people need to give him a chance instead of jumping him into becoming Red Hood in the next season or two so soon.

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