This dog is wearing a mask aka Batman Brave & the Bold is wild

Batman: the Brave and the Bold is honestly one of the best superhero shows because it leans so heavily into the camp and silliness of comics. I fully expected it to be ridiculous such that only children could enjoy it, but started watching it on DCU and was blown away by how good it is!

For one, it’s not just Batman in it. It has Batman as an established hero who regularly gets involved in other heroes adventures since he’s just that good. You see so so many characters throughout the show and it reminds me of Justice League Unlimited (one of my faves).

The show leans into the campiness of silver age comics with absolute acceptance that this is all ridiculous if you think about it too hard. Yet the characters are portrayed so accurately and true to the essence of what makes them each unique. We get full side characters and an excellent Batman.

The season 2 episode “chill of the night!” showcases how they understand who Batman is in a way live action and animation haven’t always been able to achieve. Diedrich Bader is an amazing voice for Batman and delivers all the lines so perfectly.

Ace wears a mask to crime fight. It’s amazing. Check it out for more wild nonsense.


Brave and the Bold is based off the silver age which it why it gets into some wild and fun nonsense. In addition to basing the storylines off the silver age, the costumes are as well. In the silver age Ace wore a mask!


@MissGsptlsnz James Tucker, one of the Executive Producers said it was his love letter to the Silver Age. He worked on the DCAU series so he brought a ton of knowledge with him. FYI, check out the Super Pets shorts, Diedrich Bader voices Ace the Bathound.


The Brave And The Bold is my favorite animated DC show. All the amazing and great DC heroes and villians that appeared. How the show payed homage to the Brave And The Bold comic series, the Silver Age, the Adam West Batman show. The show was unique. For example when Batman and Jay Garrick fought Scarecrow. Otherwise the show and the kids imprint comics bring back memories and a love for DC Comics

Favorite episodes were

  1. Return Of The Fearsome Fangs
  2. Mystery In Space
  3. Trials Of The Demon
  4. The Color Of Revenge
  5. Legends Of The Dark Knight
  6. Long Arm Of The Law
  7. Death Race To Oblivion
  8. Aquaman’s Outrageous Adventure
  9. The Golden Age Of Justice
  10. Clash Of The Metal Men
  11. A Bat Divided
  12. Sidekicks Assemble
  13. The Power Of Shazam
  14. Gorillas In Our Midst
  15. Requiem For A Scarlet Speedster
  16. The Criss Cross Conspiracy
  17. Emperor Joker
  18. Shadow Of The Bat
  19. Night Of The Batmen
  20. Scorn Of The Star Sapphire
  21. Battle Of The Superheroes
  22. Triumvirate Of Terror
  23. Crisis: 23,300 Miles Above Earth
  24. Darkseid Descending

@MissGsptlsnz @PinkLightwaves @thrakaboom Doh! We forgot to mention the best thing about Batman the Brave and the Bold: it gave Outrageous Aquaman!


Man this show is so underrated and I’ve been saying it for years. The cameos and characters in this show is unrivaled, the accuracy of the show is on point as well.


Yeah, the show’s all fun and games until you get to the Doom Patrol episode…

No but in all honesty, the show is great. A great, light-hearted mix of things that DC fans of all ages can enjoy.


Dude that episode is sad! When they just died at the end like that, i was like okay are we getting a second comeback episode? Lol


Super fun topic, @MissGsptlsnz! The Brave and The Bold is an underrated gem! So many wonderful comments about the show in this thread already!

I love the campiness and the wide range of characters. The colors are poppin’ and the intro is a blast with a big “comicy” feel. The voice cast is fantastic and so is the music! This gif somehow summed it all up for me. :smile:


One of my favorite cameos in an episode is by Kamandi and Dr. Canus - an awesome surprise!



@KeyFamily And the theme song is totally cool! :sunglasses:


One of my favorite shows ever. Tons of characters you won’t find anywhere else. The Mask of Matches Malone with Huntress, Black Canary & Catwoman all singing, is one of my favorite songs in the DC realm. Also, it’s been my background on my personal file since the day they reopened the site. (Huntress, Canary & Catwoman from that episode that is).


That episode was hilarious! You really appreciate a lot of the humor in the show as an adult, though a lot of animated shows do that. You watch something you saw as a kid and you can’t believe they put that in.


Right? You never catch it as a kid. That’s awesome btw!!!


Lmao he’s one of the best characters of the show like there are so many hilarious moments! They truly did him justice…
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I resisted watching this show, at the behest of many friends, for years. I was a fool. It is pure animation gold. Best line in the series: “Don’t bet on it you goosestepping harpy!”


I love that episode! Wasn’t it banned because of the song and the part where Batman got gunned down?


Might’ve been. “We’re the one & only Birds of Prey.” He had the cloak of Nefertiti which gave em 10 lives.


I mean in that song they basically said all the guys suck at sex except for Batman who’s a sex god. And Batman got better of course but I think the censors were not happy with a children’s show showing a hero getting gunned down.


Oh yeah. I knew what u meant haha. Idk if it was banned but more then likely, if it wasn’t, it definitely offended somebody I’m sure of that.


If you like Ace wearing a mask, watch the Krypto the Superdog animated series. Ace is a regular guest on the show and he has a mask and cape. He’s so cool!!