this discussion thread needsto bethe first thing thats upgraded

there is no way to see notifications, no way to see if someone responded to your post, you have to go all the way down past everyones posts to see, no way to post images, no way to post polls, no way to share content such as youtube videos. fans interacting with each other on this app adds the time that people spend in the app so im surprised its not a priority for the app devs


Absolutely agree. Along with the constant switching out of comics, the lack of a notification system for the forums is one of the biggest opportunities for improvement.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share feedback, johndcfan! We understand your frustrations, and have been sharing these with the team, so they’ve been a great help to us - please don’t hesitate to share recommendations for improvement if you have them!


You can post images, its below the text box. 100% agreed on the test, however.

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Would love a notification every time someone comments or likes my post even notification when new comics or eps anytime something drops on DC universe

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