Thinking Outside The Box with DC

One of the things I am enjoying about being involved here is the mere fact that with those of us who have a vast knowledge of the DC Universe, we can think outside the box. Thinking outside the box creates more ideas for new comics and relationships between the characters. A lot of the comic books and shows only summarize the stories but if you look for the connections, you dive deeper and find more connection and reason. Like I mentioned to one member yesterday, I have been watching Wonder Woman and realized how she could be connected to Shazam or how in Batman vs. Superman , you hear the mention of Ferris, which is related to Green Lantern. Many look at this Universe as superficial and don’t realize the intimacies that weave throughout the fabric of the DC Universe. Another example is in Green Arrow, in the show they lay hint to him eventually becoming Spectre, or the fact too-that he is trained by Ra’s A Ghoul , the same one that trains Batman. Or what about laying hint that Diggle is actually Jon Stewart , one of the Green Lanterns. Or even perhaps, back to Wonder Woman, the aircraft that Steve Trevor flew was developed by Ferris Aircraft. I know this is a lot to take in but look at the connections , then it becomes more fun!

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