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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about our own Cassie Sandsmark, AKA Wonder Girl! Picking up the mantle of Wonder Girl not via Themysciran heritage, but an alien symbiote, Cassie brings us a unique spin on the mantle.

But what fun facts might we be missing on our Young Justice Wonder Girl? What interesting tidbits set her apart?

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Wonder Girl has my Vote!! Back to the 345th dimension to troll


There have been two Wonder Girl’s the one who is featured in Young Justice is Cassie Sandsmark and in the Titans show Wonder Girl is Donna Troy. So there have been two versions of Wonder Girl, and in the rebirth comics Donna Troy is Troia a weapon created to kill Wonder Woman.

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Also she has been known to date Tim Drake in comics and in Young Justice.

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“Alien symbiote?” What the…?!? What did I miss? So why does she call herself Wonder Girl? Does she have any kind of connection or relation to Diana now?

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In Wonder Woman 217 (v2) Cassie learned that Zeus is her father. For the New 52, Teen Titans 19 (v4) revealed her to be Diana’s niece and Zeus’s granddaughter.

Wonder Girl was not allowed to be used in Young Justice S1. Weisman, Greg (2011-08-11). Question #13435. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2012-05-10.

Cassie considers Kara (Supergirl) her best friend. Teen Titans 54 (v3)

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@JohnnyBQuick Ah, young romance! We are looking for facts with sources, though… and stuff that isn’t already covered by the encyclopedia. Think outside the box!

@c02goddess.16092 strikes again! And here I thought Cassie’s best friend was her mother. Helena is going to be so disappointed.

In the DC Animated Movie Universe, Wonder Girl was recruited by the Teen Titans as a replacement for Terra. (Source: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract)

While not the first Wonder Girl, Cassie Sandsmark has made more canonical appearances in Wonder Woman than the original Wonder Girl, Donna Troy. indicates Cassie has had 65 appearances in volume 2 and 13 appearances in volume 3 making her total roughly 78 appearances. indicates Donna has had 6 appearances in volume 1, 38 appearances in volume 2, 18 in volume 3, and 11 in volume 4. Making her total 73.

Meaning Cassie Sandsmark has appeared more often in Wonder Woman than the original Wonder Girl, even though the original Wonder Girl had been around numerous years (1965) before Cassie was created in 1996.