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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who is much more than a pretty face, although she is an international supermodel, has the power of the entire animal kingdom at her fingertips…well, around her neck within the Tantu Totem, and is one of the most formidable and versatile superheroines in the multiverse. Of course, we can only be talking about Vixen!

Let us know all your little-known intel in the comments below, and it could be selected for featuring in our new “Trivia” Encyclopedia section! Anyone whose Fun Facts are selected will receive a rare “Daily Planet Editor” badge!

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Her totem was created by a warrior named Tantu per the request of Anansi the Spider (who makes an appearance in Static Shock). It was eventually passed down to her. The totem made her one of the strongest members of the Red.
22 Facts about Vixen 22 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Vixen - Tons Of Facts

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She has the ability to communicate with animals and can override their natural predator and prey instinct.

Source: 22 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Vixen - Tons Of Facts

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Mari used to have a hit reality TV show called “Catwalk Carnage.”

Source: Justice League of America: Vixen Rebirth #1 (2017)


That is an interesting fact.

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Vixen’s first live action appearance was in the 15th episode of Arrow’s 4th season.

If Source is needed: Arrow: First Look at Vixen's Live-Action Debut - IGN

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A solid fact, but one that’s already part of her main encyclopedia entry. A good tip is to try to look for something a little more unknown than a character’s origins.

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Okay. I’ll try harder.

This is a great fact, and one I was able to find an alternate source for, but as a general rule “Tons of Facts” isn’t the most credible source for these – it often fails to cite sources of its own.


Not much of a fact as much as the Justice League of America Annual referenced in this article is wrong. It should be Justice League of America Annual #2 not 3… Click on the Essential Storylines section.

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Thanks! I’ll pass that along.


Also good to know. I will try to find more credible sources.

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