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Talk about daddy issues! This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about our resident patriarchal embodiment of evil, Trigon! What are some ways that Trigon relaxes? What’s one thing his followers have in common?

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Trigon has been voiced Kevin Michel Richardson who has voiced him in many shows like Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go. He has also voice many other DC characters like the Joker, Killowog, Mr. Terrific, and many more.



I just love how voice actors keep coming back for such a wide variety of roles in the DC Universe! But let’s try to keep the facts focused on the character themselves, okay?


In the film Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Ra’s al Ghul reveals that it was Trigon who originally created the Lazarus Pits.


Over 23 years passed between Trigon’s destruction in The New Teen Titans #5 (1984) and his resurrection in Titans #1(2008).


Despite his demonic appearance, Trigon has never been portrayed with any connection to Hell as it exists in the DC Universe, and thus may not even be technically considered a demon. However, Trigon is not above using his superficial resemblance to the devil to his advantage. (Source: New Teen Titans #6)


Those are some super interesting facts, @HubCityQuestion!


Thank you, Zatanna! I do try.

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