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Barry Allen has quite a few birthdays.

In the 1976 DC Comics Calendar, his birthday was listed as March 19th.

In The Life Story of the Flash, it turned into May 13th.

In the DCEU, Ezra Miller’s Flash swiped an ID card and we can briefly see that he was born on September 30, 1992.

According to the CW adaption of the Flash, Grant Gustin’s Flash is born on March 14, 1989.


Flash Fay is officially February 11th. This day is were the people of Central City Celebrate him.

Source: [UPDATED] Flash Appreciation Week - Extended! | DC Universe Online


Flash is normally Best Friends with Green Lantern

Source: Superheroes: Flash

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In Superman the animated series, the episode Speed Demons is based on a comic book of a famous race between The Flash and Superman to see who’s the fastest man alive.

Source: Superman the animated Series episode Speed Demons and comic book: Superman 199. (Sorry to say DC Universe doesn’t have that comic book.)


Barry served as Elongated Man’s best man at his wedding to Sue Dearbon.

Source: The Flash #119 (1961)


Flash can Fly
While running on solid terrain is Flash’s M.O., he can take flight if need be. He achieve this by spinning like a top, using his vortex abilities to make himself a human tornado, or he can ride over a self-made cyclone

Source: 17 Bizarre Facts About The Flash’s Body | ScreenRant

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