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Supergirl had a stint as an actress on a TV soap opera called “Secret Hearts.”

Source: The Superman Family #208 (1981)


The original Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Kara who “died” during the event would later be retconned as one of the core survivors of the collapse and a unique character apart from her modern counterpart, the Kara of Earth- Prime whom the writers conceived without the baggage of the original in order to retain a semblance of the core of the character with enough room for total reenvisionment. In Infinite Crisis the original Kara’s survival would be explained as her having been trapped within a paradisical limbo, who her Kal L breaks her free from. On her return home during the conclusion of Invite Crisis, which is actually to the newly formed Earth of the Prime dimension, Kara is forced to discover she has essentially been replaced. After a few identity issues ensue, Kara adopts a new set of names, Karen Starr and Power Girl, thereby resolving to discover who she really is apart from being the last female survivor of her deleted Krypton–a world that exists only in memories.

Powergirl was originally conceived as a reconfiguration of Supergirl who would be more appealing to the new youth of the decade for a separate continuity which still featured many facets of the original continuity (carolastrickland) (All Star Comics 58. Feb. 1976). Thus, two separate Supergirls with two separate names and personalities, because of a mistake in dilineating between contemporary Earth-1 and Earth-2 to audiences, were morphed into one character with multiple alter egos via public perception. This would later be complicated when the Kara amalgamation of Earth 1 and 2 would be revived during Infinite Crisis as a character seperate from the Kara of the modern age thus reinforcing that somehow after the collapse a new Kara was created out of thin air.

In Superman Adventures #21 Supergirl’s fear is Ice and water, this was her own Adventures right after the episode of little girl lost. In this issue she faces General Zod!
Source: Superman Adventures #21

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Instead of a fortress Supergirl has a bunch of smaller hideout hidden throughout. She admits she got the idea from Batman.

Source: Action Comics #881


Thing 1: Actress Helen Slater, the very first to portray Supergirl in live action, wrote a tale in Supergirl (2005-2011) #50. to assist in commemorating it’s release.

Source: The above cover, as well as the comic itself which is linked above.

Thing 2: Supergirl is a starring, debut member of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise.

DC Super Hero Girls is an American super hero action figure franchise created by DC Comics (a subsidiary of Time Warner) and Mattel that launched in the third quarter of 2015. The franchise was announced in April 2015. The range is to include books from Random House, Lego tie-ins and action figures from Mattel.[22] The website was launched in early July 2015. Characters featured at launch were Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Katana and Bumblebee.[23]

Source: Wikipedia.

Thing 3: Supergirl made her action figure debut in 1974, courtesy of the Mego Corporation (image from Google).

Source: The Mego Museum Supergirl page.


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Supergirl has been an honorary Amazon on multiple occasions. First time was in Supergirl Vol 1 #9.

Supergirl’s first appearance after her death in Crisis was in 1989, in the tale “Christmas with the Super-Heroes” and then disappears from continuity until 2001

Supergirl and Batgirl first met in 1967’s World’s Finest Comics #169.

Supergirl has met two Batgirls in a World’s Finest book as she met Barbara in 1967, but also Stephanie Brown’s Batgirl in 2010’s World’s Finest miniseries.