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Howdy, folks! Excited to see what you all bring to the table this time! Just thought I’d make sure you all know that we’re not just looking for comic facts on these, but ALL media! So whether you know Superboy from the comics, cartoons, toys, video games, live action appearances, or anything else, I wanna hear what you’ve got to say!


Young Justice version: Superboy speaks many, many languages, including (but not limited to) English, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Russian, etc. - Source: Weisman, Greg (2011-08-11). Question #13440. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2011-08-12.

Young Justice version: Superboy handled much of the team’s hand-to-hand combat training (circa Season 2). - Source: Weisman, Greg (2013-10-14). Question #19093. Ask Greg. Retrieved 2013-10-15.

Comics (Clark) version: Superboy was removed from the Superman mythos in the DCU reboot post-Crisis on Infinite Earths largely because he was seen as unnecessary, since John Byrne originally planned to show Superman ‘learning the ropes’ in his Superman run. - Source: “Why did JB remove Superboy from continuity with the Man of Steel reboot?—Byrne Robotics: FAQ”. Archived from the original on January 26, 2013. Retrieved September 15, 2010.

Comics (Conner) version: By sacrificing Superboy, John’s favorite Titan (at least at the time), in Infinite Crisis, the creative team was able to save Nightwing. - Source: “Infinite Discussions” from Infinite Crisis hardcover,

Comics (Jon) version: The Bizarro version of Superboy was originally going to be Bizarro Boy, but his name was changed to Boyzarro in response to fan suggestions on social media. - Source: and

Comics (Jon) version: Superboy’s costume was designed to be more casual, focusing on popular teenage clothing style, and ‘half-super’ to reflect Jon’s age and incomplete powers. Source: Arrant, Chris (October 11, 2016). “DC’s SUPER SONS Artist On Designing SUPERBOY & His Own Secret Origin”. Newsarama. Retrieved October 30, 2016.

Comics (Jon) version: Superboy, as Superman’s son, was used as a way for readers to look at Superman from new angle. - Source: Rogers, Vaneta (May 27, 2016). “REBIRTH SUPERMAN’s New Status Quo - Being a SUPER-DAD”. Newsarama. Retrieved July 8, 2016.


Superboy was voiced by Cameron Monaghan in the Reign of The Supermen who also plays Jerome and Jeremiah in another DC show Gotham.



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Actor Bob Hastings (Commissioner Gordon of the DCAU), voiced Superboy in the Superboy segments of The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure and The Batman/Superman Hour TV series produced by Filmation Associates.

Sources: The end credits of The New Adventures of Superman and this:


“Edit” to my previous post: According to IMDB, the year of production for The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure is 1967, while The Batman/Superman Hour is 1968, with the end credits of The New Adventures of Superman having a copyright year of 1966.

Here’s a better look at Hastings’ filmography (he also guest starred on Batman and Wonder Woman):


Awesome info, indeed! But I gotta say we’re looking for Fun Facts about Conner Kent specifically right now. (Or Kon-El, if you wanna get Kryptonian with it.)

The Conner Kent Superboy made his live action debut on Smallville in season 10, episode 16 “Scion”. He was played by Lucas Grabeel.


Relevant text: “The character makes his first live-action appearance in the final season of the television series Smallville, with Conner Kent portrayed by Lucas Grabeel.”

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Fixed (hopefully) source for my previous post:

Pertinent live action TV information for Kon/Conner is located under the In Other Media category. It’s the first item under “Television, live action”.

That’s pretty neat! But we’re trying to stay away from wikis and open source encyclopedias for sources. Got something else you can source it to?

Superboy unintentionally made Lex Luthor (Luthor II) bald. Kal-El, the first Superboy (noted often as Superman II and/or Superman of Earth 1. The same Superman who had earlier adventures as Superboy. Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths continuity.) A teenage Lex Luthor meets Superboy and saves him from a Kryptonite meteor. Superboy builds Lex a lab to show his appreciation. This teenage Lex Luthor creates a protoplasmic life form. In his excitement he knocks over some chemicals which start a lab fire. Superboy uses his super breath to put out the fire, but the chemicals in the fire turn teenage Lex bald. It is one of the first of many grudges Lex holds against Superboy and this grudge holds against Superman as well.

See Adventure #271, Who’s Who and What’s What Volume XXII for Superman II, Who’s Who & What’s What, Volume XIV for Luthor II.