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He tell his sidekick Pat Dungan that he’s not the one to have a Cosmic Staff before he died.:slightly_smiling_face:

Source: Stargirl episode 1.


First appearance of Jack Knight, one panel in Zero Hour #0

Source: Zero Hour #0


Sandra Knight, the Golden Age hero known as the Phantom Lady, was Ted Knight’s cousin.
Source: Starman #44


Jack Knight was the owner of an antique store called Knights Past.

Source Starman #0 (1994)


It was Jack Knight to first tell Jor-El about Earth, giving him the eventual idea to send his son there years later.

Source: Starman #51


He prefers Coke instead Pepsi

Source: Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0


Farris Knight was the Starman of the 853rd century and a member of Justice Legion Alpha. He was created in JLA #23. He is a distant relative of Jack Knight and The Mist’s son. He commands the quarvat which was like a cosmic rod. He was part of the DC One Million Event.


Oh man, where to start…

  • Sylvester Pemberton was never called Starman in the comics. When he finally shed the mantle of the Star-Spangled Kid, he chose to go by the name “Skyman” (Infinity Inc. #31)

  • Sylvester’s adopted sister was Merry Pemberton, AKA “Merry, the Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks!” – she first appeared as a side character in Star-Spangled Comics, but soon completely took over the segment of the comic, completely replacing The Star Spangled Kid and Stripesey’s segment. (1st appearance: Star Spangled Comics #81 – Took over segment in Star-Spangled Comics #87)

  • Sylvester’s sister Merry quit crimefighting to marry the villain Brainwave, with whom she had a son, Brainwave Jr. (Infinity Inc #3)

  • Ted Knight asked Sylvester to take the mantle of Starman, but he declined to take the mantle (Stars and STRIPE #0)

  • David Knight first appeared as Starman when Will Payton was using the name, despite being unconnected to the Knight family/legacy in any way. Manipulated by the Mist into challenging Payton for the title, the two eventually teamed up in a 2-part story to take him down. (Starman v1 #26-27) In his very next appearance, he was immediately killed, setting the stage for his brother jack to take the mantle (Starman v2 #0)

  • Courtney Whitmore started by taking up Sylverter’s mantle as The Star-Spangled Kid (Stars and STRIPE #1) but became Stargirl when Jack Knight bestowed his cosmic staff on her and asked her to take up his mantle (Starman v2 #80)


Sylvester Pemberton was inspired to change his superhero name to Skyman after an encounter with Jack Night, son Ted Knight the original Starman

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #0


Batman operated as Starman in Detective Comics #247 (September, 1947)