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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a was a racecar driver until a tragic accident nearly killed him. His brain survived, but only after it was transplanted into a mechanical body. In his new heroic persona, Cliff became a founding member, and sometimes leader, of the team of super-powered freaks and outcasts known as the Doom Patrol. Although there have been many incarnations of the team over the years, this character has always been at the heart of the group, since the very beginning. Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Robotman!

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In Showcase #94 Robotman is found after a near death experience by Will Magnus, the same scientist who created the Metal Men, and given a new body.


Robotman was originally known as Automaton, and is referred to as Automaton on the cover of Doom Patrol’s first appearance.

Robotman co-creator, Arnold Drake, regarding Robotman’s original name, is quoted as saying:
“That name was pretty stupid. I’ve been responsible for a lot of stupid things, but that was one of the stupidest, so, within two issues, I figured that out and changed his name to Robotman.”

Robotman is the only character to appear in all 6 Doom Patrol series

The New 52 origin for Robotman is slightly different. Clifford “Cliff” Steele, Robotman, was injected with experimental nanomachines that were designed to repair his body. When he got in a fatal car crash while racing, the nanomachines created the robot suit to encase and save his brain.

When the Doom Patrol was killed off at the end of their first series, Robotman’s brain survived and was put into a new body. as @moro mentioned, saved by the creator of the Metal Men. He was the only member of the original Doom Patrol to help create the next generation of the Doom Patrol, along with the Chief’s wife. They then went on to try and prove the Chief survived and is still alive.
Doom Patrol: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Robot Man | CBR


Robotman appeared in the titans episode “Doom Patrol”
Source: Titans “Doom Patrol”


Cliff Steele is fond of wearing punk rock shirts with punk rock slogans such as “New World Order”, “Industrial Strength” and “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Dead”.

Cliff has a brother named Randy
Doom Patrol #103


Cliff Steel isn’t the original Robotman. There was a Golden Age Robotman who in the eighties (and up) was retconned into Earth Two as a member of the All Star Squadron. While this character has nothng to do with the Doom Patrol he was key in helping the orginal Starman develop his tech and in the new Star Spangled Kid series (now Stargirl) helped Pat Dugan out as well.

as you can see this character was created by one half of the team that created superman,

As for Cliff Steel, Robotman in the comic book series Cliff was never married nor had any children, There was no second accident…just the race car crash.


Robotman appeared in the Third season of Young Justice, voiced by Khary Payton (the voice of Cyborg in the Teen Titans show)


September 24, 2005 Teen Titans Homecoming part 1 aired. This and the following second part feature Robotman along with the rest of the Doom Patrol in Beast Boys origin. Robotman was voiced by Peter Onarati.


He had a body made of Oriya Metal. And emotional metal that like not be restricted by close. This body was short lived.


Throughout the original run of Doom Patrol, Robotman wore a “Portable TV Transmitter” when he was in the field so The Chief could quarterback their missions.

My Greatest Adventure #80

This device was destroyed at the end of the first issue of the 1987 run of Doom Patrol by Kalki and was not used again until it returned in Doom Patrol #19 for Grant Morrison’s run, despite being included on cover illustrations right up until Doom Patrol #16.

Doom Patrol #1 (1987)

Doom Patrol #16

Doom Patrol #19


While both true, I’m looking for facts that are more fun than just notes about where they’ve appeared in other media. There’s a whole separate section in each encyclopedia article just for that.

But the Encyclopedia doesnt show either one

Robot man appeared in teen titans go
source: Beast boy’s thats whats up

Sure, and I’ll note that – but these submissions are meant for the “Fun Facts” section.