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Don’t know much of anything of Mr. Hood.

Red Hood became the new Ra’s al ghul for a short time and lead the league of assassins.

Source Red Hood and the Outlaws vol 1 #24


Red Hood is the tallest of the Robins standing at 6’0.



You may know that Batman first recruited Jason Todd as Robin when Jason stole the tires off of the Batmobile in Crime Alley. But did you know that this meeting also first occurred on the anniversary of the Waynes’ deaths? (Source: Batman 408)

Jason’s favorite food is chili dogs, and his favorite ice cream flavor is Neopolitan. (Source: Detective Comics #790)

Jason’s father, Willis Todd, was originally confirmed to have worked as a chop shopper, and may have been the one who taught Jason how to steal tires in the first place. (Batman 409)

At one point in time, Jason believed his mother may have been Sandra Wusan, AKA the infamous Lady Shiva. (Batman: A Death in the Family). If this had been true, he would have been half siblings by blood with another Batfamily member, Cassandra Cain. This is not the only sibling connection between these two: in pre-Flashpoint continuity, both were also adopted by Bruce Wayne.

In both Rebirth continuity and his original Post-Crisis debut, Jason Todd helped Batman take down the secret crime lord Ma Gunn (Batman 409, Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth). This means that when Jason first went up against Two-Face in Batman 410, it was the second villain he’d faced down.

After his resurrection, Jason chose the name of the Red Hood after the identity believed to have been used by the Joker shortly before the fall into the vat of acid that turned him into the Clown Prince of Crime. (Under the Red Hood)

Jason Todd was once pen pals with fellow kid hero Eddie Bloomberg, aka Kid Devil. (Not sure if this was the original source but it was referenced in Teen Titans (2003) #42.)

As a nod to the issue in which he died, Batman 427, the canonical date of Jason’s death is April 27th – 4/27. (Batman: Under the Hood)

Even though she betrayed him, Jason threw himself in front of the blast that killed both him and his mother in an attempt to save her. (Batman: A Death in the Family)

Jason Todd has recently adopted a pet dog, who he has imaginatively named “Dog”. (Red Hood and the Outlaws 2016, #30)



The All Caste are ancient warriors led by their immortal leader, Ducra. The All Caste are dedicated to fighting evil entities known as the Untitled. Talia Al’ghul sent Jason Todd to Ducra shortly after his resurrection for training. Jason is the first human in 1000 years to survive “the cleansing” and complete the All Caste training. New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

Due to his All Caste training, Jason was awarded mystical weapons called All Blades, which are physical manifestations of his soul. These are essentially flame swords and they can be powered by Jason spilling his own blood. These blades can only materialize when Jason is in the presence of evil. - Red Hood: Outlaw #24 and New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws #5


The first time Jason Todd and Bruce Wayne met, Jason got Bruce to laugh. This is notable because it happened in crime alley, on the anniversary of Martha and Thomas Wayne’s death.
The events leading up to this are equally amazing, in that young Jason had just stolen tires from the batmobile and when confronted by Bruce, Jason hit him with a tire iron, ran off, and called him a big boob. - Batman #408 (1940)


I am so glad someone brought up TRY AND CATCH ME, YOU BIG BOOB


That’s an amazing factoid. Hilarious!


Jason Todd first appears in March of 1983
(Batman #357)

Jason and his parents, Joe and Trina, were originally circus performers known as the Flying Todds. They were an acrobatic trio.
(Batman #357)

Also I’m pre-crisis continually Jason had blonde hair.
(Batman 357)

In pre-crisis Jason makes his debut as a costumed crime fighter not in the robin costume but in a make shift costume from old circus costumes he found at Wayne Manor!
(Detective Comics #526)

Before taking on the mantle of Robin in pre-crisis Jason had considered many names such as; Wonder-Boy, Flying Ace, Bluejay, Cardinal, Eagle, Dominion, Kid Dynamite, Masked Avenger, and even Tonto!
(Batman #368)

Dick Grayson actually gives Jason the Robin costume along with his personal blessing for him to take on the role in pre-crisis continuity.
(Batman #368)

Jason Todd once became his own caped hero with a sidekick and her name was scarlet

Red Hood wears the Bat Symbol not to p*** of batman, but to hint at who is under the hood.

The Red Hood gang existed prior to the 20th century, having been a group of raiders in the 1800s west.