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Raven is 5”10.
Blue eyes, black hair.
Base is New York City.
Grew up in Azarath fled to Earth to find her mother Arella.
Phantom Stranger captured her & returned her to Trigon in a bargain to save Earth.
Brothers are Belial, Rushkoff, & Suge.
She faced Etrigan the Demon who tried to kill her to weaken Trigon.
She was transported back in time to fight Johnny Quick & Atomica.
Wonder Girl saved her & helped her soul-self return the Teen Titans to the present after a journey thru multiple futures trying to save Superboy from multiple versions of himself.
Her travel thru time severed Trigons power over her. She then took down Harvest & ended the Culling.
She shared an off & on relationship with Beast Boy. When it fell apart & Bart Allen aka Kid Flash perished, including a battle with the Titans East, she left the Teen Titans.
She returned after being attacked by the demonic being Wyld, whom she accidentally created. She then rekindled her relationship with Beast Boy after they fought together to defeat the Legion Of Doom, & Superboy-Prime.
After a close call with Brother Blood, who tried to marry her, she continued an on & off relationship with Beast Boy for several years.
Real name Rachel Roth.
Classic stories. New Teen Titans vol 1. 4-6. 1981’ Raven asks the JLA to assist fighting Trigon. They refuse b/c Zatanna doesn’t trust her. She brings the New Teen Titans together to imprison Trigon. Teen Titans vs Justice League the movie suggested by me after reading.
New Teen Titans vol. 2 #121-#130. 1995-1996’.
Raven surrenders to Trigons influence. Implants seeds of Trigons dead children into new bodies creating & spreading evil. One of these seeds ends up being the soul of her own good self.
New Teen Titans vol 3. #30-#31. 2006’
Nearly escaping marriage to Brother Blood & causing Armageddon. Raven joins the Teen Titans & combats Brother Blood & his demon army.
Powers/Abilities- empathic sensitivity, manipulation of darkness, time travel, teleportation, Soul-Self, undefined magical powers.
Debut was DC comics Presents #26 (Oct 1990’’)
Current Version Phantom Stranger ( Vol 4) #1 ( Dec 2012’).
Facts cited from The DC Comics Encyclopedia- The Definitive Guide To The Characters Of The DC Universe & me.


Interesting Fact about Raven: Since she is the daughter of Trigon, she is also the demon Belial’s half sister, and therefore Etrigan’s aunt. If you can call it that. Belial even mentions their kinship while talking to Phantom Stranger.
The Phantom Stranger #6 (2013)


I love Rave, she is my all time favorite, female superhero.


Raven is not trusted by Batman. He thinks she is untrustworthy because she can hide her emotions.



She says her phrase Azarath Metrion Zinthos 67.5+2/3s times in the Teen Titans (2003) series. Including the movie trouble in Tokyo and the lost episode.



Raven is recruited into the Night Force of Baron Winter (or Winter Baron, not sure which one). In Raven: Daughter of Darkness (2018) #6 to fight beings called the Shadow Riders.


Based off of the Daughter of Darkness storyline, she is also the first successful birth out of all of Trigon’s mortal spawn. Because he was trying to recruit an army and it never fully succeeded until these scientist experimented on Angela. Raven: Daughter of Darkness (2018) #6


Wow, some really great facts here! But just remember everybody: we’re not looking for storyline summaries, but little bitty tidbits. What’s Raven’s favorite song? Can she touch her nose with her elbow? Is that really her natural hair color? You know, stuff like NYJt3’s doing! I never knew how many times Raven says “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” And now I do!


In the “Teen Titans Go!” animated series, Raven fights crime with her powerful kicks under the secondary secret identity of “Lady Legasus.”


She has a nephew though, that’s an interesting factoid.


Raven’s original SI name was Raven.
Brother Blood thinks he will get to marry Raven if he delivers her, not realizing she has to die for trigon to fully take over earth.
In Flashpoint, Raven Roth goes by the Crow.

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this is what google thinks AMZ means: image

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