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Dick Grayson is able to hold his breath for 7 minutes deep underwater, having boosted his oxygen levels in advance thanks to his intense training from Bruce Wayne.

Source: 26 Fascinating And Bizarre Facts About Nightwing - Tons Of Facts


He has been engaged to be married twice.
Once with Starfire during his time as a Teen Titan and the other was with Barbra Gordon during the New 52.

Source: Batman: Facts About Dick Grayson | ScreenRant


Wasn’t Nightwing featured in a previous “Think You Know…” segment?

As 2015 Biff Tannen said “There’s something very familiar about this.”

Oh, you thought we were done? With the third-most prolific DC character of all time? Well, @Vroom, it looks like Robin rides again!

I love the dude, so the more from Grayson, the better. :+1:


Dick was engaged to Barbara starting at the end of Nightwing #117. This lasted until after Infinite Crises (no specific issue can be provided for the break up because they pretty much forgot it after Infinite Crisis and a few reboots later it was obsolete anyways).

Nightwing annual #2 gives the story that covered the engagement ending. Barbara called it off because she didn’t believe dick knew who he was. She said he defined himself too much by others rather than on his own merits. She wanted him to discover himself before they could move forward as a couple. I missed the annual when it first came out and thought the same thing.

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Nightwing is the guy Bruce turns to when he needs to reach out for help. In Infinite Crisis when the rest of the league had turned on Batman for, you know, being Batman, he called in Dick to get together the heroes. His reasoning was that while Bruce built his life/career around fear, Dick focused on trust with people.

He’s also older than Wonder Woman as far as publication age. Spring 1940 for him and Fall 1941 for her.

He was inspired by a hero of Kandor who went by the name “Nightwing”



Nightwing’s butt cheeks are named Jim and Juan lol


In Nightwing #151 (2008), Dick Grayson completed a 15-minute skydive from the edge of space, breaking both the sound barrier and 4 world records (free-fall altitude, human balloon flight altitude, longest free fall and fastest free-fall).