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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who began as Eric Morden, a man who fancied himself a criminal mastermind. In the early years of the Doom Patrol, he stole one of the Chief’s lunar exploration droids in an effort to impress the Brotherhood of Evil in the hopes they would allow him to join. But Morden and the Brotherhood had a falling out, and he fled to Paraguay and hid from the team for years. There, Morden contacted a Nazi scientist who exposed him to something called the White Room, which drove him completely insane and converted his body into a living virtuality which could drain the sanity from others.

Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Mr. Nobody!

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He has a daughter named Terry None.

Source: Doom Patrol (2016) #10

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He tried to run for president

Source: Doom Patrol #51


During writer Keith Giffen’s 2009 run of Doom Patrol, Eric Morden inhabited the body of Thayer Jost and took on the name Mister Somebody as well as changing his color from black to white. He also ran a company called Mister Somebody Enterprises.

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We’re looking for stuff a little more enticing than storyline summaries, or that he has kids. Dig deep!

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Mr. Nobody has enough courage to live in Nowhere (Doom Patrol (2016) #9) and named his first team, the Brotherhood of Dada, after the art style “dadaism”, which also focused on randomness.

In Doom Patrol (2016) #9–10, he formed a second brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Nada, composing of a golem, a sentient waist (called 50% Chad), a prodigy literally named “Debries”, a boy with an alien metal detector, and a would-be magician kid. He also briefly appeared in his pre-accident form in #9.

In those issues, he also combined his tap-dancing daughter (aforementioned) with a mysterious food product (s###) to wreck reality.

In Doom Patrol (2016) #11, he moves past his “super-villain hokum” to host“Nobody TV”, whose target audience is short aliens whose entertainment keeps reality intact. The Brotherhood of Nada (save for, possibly, his daughter) leaves him after this.

Backtracking a little bit, the first time the Doom Patrol saw him (post-accident) was in Doom Patrol (1987) #28, when the eponymous group entered a painting to stop him. The first to encounter him was Robotman, but this was only for a single page before he sent Cliff to a less impressionistic painting to get defeated by Sleepwalker.

Crazy Jane and Negative Man saw him in the subsequent issue, but by then Nobody and his brotherhood had incapacitated them. Negative Man previously “detected” him in #28, but he considered him a “vague … non-being.”


Eric Morden pre-transformation appeared in the DC Nation Doom Patrol animated shorts voiced by Jeffrey Combs

You KNOW I love my Combs, but citing acting credits are a little shy of what we’re looking for in a Fun Fact.