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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about the most intelligent man on earth. A character happy to use his mind and means to aid in the pursuit of his nefarious plans, he appears to much of the world as the epitome of success with few knowing the truth about this his vendetta against the hero, Superman. Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Lex Luthor!

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This isn’t so much a citation as a suggestion, but the “Essential Storylines and History” really should include a summary of “The Black Ring” from Action Comics #890-900.


Lex once owned a grocery store called Lex-Mart. (Ex. Action Comics 684)


Forbes ranked him as the fourth wealthiest fictional character.

Source: 10 Things You Need To Know About Lex Luthor | ScreenRant


When he was president, Luthor injected himself with a mixture of synthesized Venom and liquid kryptonite so as to build up his strength against Superman.

Source: Superman/Batman #6 (2004)


He got detention for stealing 40 cakes from the Smallville school bake sale

Superman #709


Lex Luthor has actually deduced Superman’s true identity using computer analysis but refused to accept it because he believed Superman would never stoop so low as to “pretend to be a mere human.”

Source: Superman #2


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Superboy made Lex bald.

Adventure Comics #271. 1960, Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.

A young Lex Luthor and Superboy met in smallville. The science-minded and redheaded Luthor saves Superboy from a kryptonite meteor. In appreciation, Superboy builds a lab that Lex uses to develop a cure for krypotnite poisoning. The good times and their friendship grind to a halt, pretty quick. A fire breaks out in Lex’s lab and Clark uses “super-breath” to blow out. This causes a container of acid to fall on the genetically engineered protoplasm Lex was using to synthesize his kryptonite poisoning cure, and the dying protoplasm belches out a vapor that causes Luthor’s hair to fall out. It led to the youngest and arguably bitter feuds between the two.


When reinventing Luthor for his 1986 reboot of the Superman franchise, John Byrne based Lex on a mixture of Donald Trump, Ted Turner and Howard Hughes.
Source: Was Lex Luthor in Man of Steel Based on Donald Trump? | CBR

Although Luthor’s bald look is iconic, it first appeared due to a mistake on the part of the artist.
Source: Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #79 | CBR

Luthor first appeared living in a flying dirigible. It crashed, suggesting that he perished, but obviously he survived to fight the Man of Steel another day.
Source: Action Comics #23


Lex Luthor isn’t actually the founder of Lex Corp in the DCEU, the real founder was his Father who was born in Germany. The founder was Lex Luthor Sr.
Source: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Lex tried making his own version of social media, he called it Lexima,
source: Lex Luthor/Porky Pig special #1

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