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He was mentored by the golden age speedster Max Mercury.



He owes me money


@Maddox Get in line, pal. That kid’s been outrunning debt collectors all over the Multiverse. Never spot a Speedster ten bucks.


Bart was the ring bearer in Wally and Linda’s wedding. Linda (aka Commander Park) got Bart (aka Ensign Allen) to focus on the task by making it a mission to protect the Golden Bands of Matrimor! - Source: Flash 1987 #142

Bart’s family and friends thought he had an imaginary friend, when he randomly started talking to thin air. It turned out that only Bart could still remember and see Linda, who had been cursed by Kadabra, because he was from the future. - Source: Flash 1987 #157-158

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Bart in the grandson to Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen, his father being Don Allen who is one of the Tornado twins. His aunt is Dawn Allen. Bart came from the future and ended up taking the role of Kid Flash when Wally West disappeared into the speed force as his mentor the Flash once did.


Bart’s first girlfriend was Carol Bucklen (Impulse #72). His second girlfriend was Valerie Perez (The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #8).

By the way, the main picture for Bart’s encyclopedia page is actually Bar Torr and not Bart Allen.

Bart named his dog Dox after his friend in the virtual reality he grew up in. (Impulse #64)

Bart played pitcher for the Young Justice baseball team. (Young Justice #27)


Bart Allen first appeared in live action for the Season 4 Smallville episode “Run,” as a street dwelling metahuman pickpocket. This version of Bart uses a variety of alias from fake or stolen IDs, including “Jay Garrick,” “Barry Allen,” and “Wally West.” He returns in Season 6 under the codename Impulse as part of Green Arrow’s team to take down Lex Luthor.