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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who is a man of many scientific disciplines, and a master of them all, one of Batman’s first recurring villains and is also one of the first Batman villains to discover the hero’s secret identity, he found his answer to a life-long pursuit of physical and mental perfection in the Batman. He will do whatever it takes to truly understand this specimen… even if it means becoming Batman himself! Of course we can only be talking about Hugo Strange!

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That face is deeply disturbing.


Bat-Bane was created using a mixture of Strange’s Monster Men serum and the Venom drug.

Source: Batman vol 1 #665 (2007)

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Dr. Hugo Strange was nearly forgotten. He was resurrected in Detective Comics #471 in 1977 after a hiatus of 37 years as he was last seen in Detective Comics #46 in 1940.


Strange has a son named Eli.

Source: Detective Comics #5 (2012)


In his final Earth-One appearance (released after the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths but still set in the pre-Crisis continuity), Hugo Strange temporarily cost Bruce Wayne his fortune, his company, and even his custody of Jason Todd by terorrizing Wayne Enterprise stockholders into selling. He even gives poor Alfred a stroke! Strange goes so far as to buy Wayne Manor, but his plot is soon foiled, and everything returns to normal…for a few months, at least. Unfortunately, no one believes him when he tries to claim that Bruce Wayne is Batman, since the Dark Knight is able to convince Jim Gordon that he hypnotized Strange into believing such nonsense. (That good-for-nothing playboy, a superhero? Sure. And I’m Darkwing Duck!)

Source: Batman Annual #10 by Doug Moench, woefully missing from this website

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Not bad, @AlexanderKnox. But for these I’m looking for more tender little “fun fact” nuggets than, say, full storyline summaries.

That’s more of an opinion than a fact, @Behemoth, but it’s one we share.

It’s worth noting that Eli claims to be Strange’s son in this run, but the claim may be dubious for a number of reasons. Strange himself has never verified his parentage.

In my summary, I pointed out an error in the current wording of the encyclopedia article. It claims, “Strange never attempts to give away Bruce’s secret again,” but he does that very thing in Batman Annual #10. He doesn’t attempt to sell it again, but he does try to expose Bruce’s secret to the police, which would still count as “giving it away.”

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I was just commenting.

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I have no credible sources!

I know there’s at least some room for interpretation, but the last pages of that issue really seem to indicate that Hugo himself is confirming that Eli is his son - that’s certainly the implication that I got.

While Hugo doesn’t make a physical appearance there are posters/ mentions/ etc. of him in the game Batman: Arkham Knight. There is also a office space for him (which is the solution to a riddle) in Arkham Asylum.


That’s a pretty good fact, but it is in fact already noted in the article!

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Gonna go ahead and submit one of my own:

Hugo Strange is credited with the development of a mobile app which tracks Batman sightings, allowing Gotham criminals to reroute their activity accordingly. (Source: Batgirl #4, 2011)

According to writer Dwayne McDuffie, Hugo Strange was originally meant to be the villain who tortured The Question in the Justice League Unlimited episode “Question Authority.” However, because the character was being used in the animated series The Batman at the time, Justice League Unlimited was unable to use him.


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Doctor Hugo Strange is one of Batman’s oldest villains first appearing in Detective Comics issue #36 in 1940, I think he is Batman’s second oldest villain next to Joe Chill if you count him.

Close. He is Batman’s third-oldest recurring supervillain. The first is Doctor Death from 'Tec 29-30, and the second is the Monk from 'Tec 31-32. They both predate Joe Chill, too. (Gerry Conway revived both of them in the 1980s, and other writers have tackled them since.)

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