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Hall Jordan almost entered the speed force in a jet construct.

Source: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #28


In “Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps” issue 7 by Robert Venditi, Hal Jordan, having forged his own power ring, finally masters his will power completely in an attempt to go head to head with Sinestro, who has tamed the beast Parallax. As the battle heats up, both Hal and Sinestro are evenly matched. In order to finally put an end to Sinestro’s world order madness, Hal realizes that he has to let go of everything he holds within and become one with his will and finally take Sinestro out with an epic Emerald Kamikaze attack.


Hal Jordan once fought both a polar bear and a wolf in the arctic without his power ring - only to go snowblind after surviving the ordeal! From the classic Green Lantern volume 2 #134 by the legendary Marv Wolfman and Joe Staton.


Green Lantern Hal Jordan once sent his ring away and went to jail after being tricked by Goldface. His cellmate…the evil villain Black Hand! From Green Lantern volume 2 #146.


When originally designing the look of Green Lantern, legendary artist Gil Kane based Hal Jordan’s looks after his one-time neighbor, Paul Newman. He also based Sinestro on actor David Niven and the Guardians after Israel’s Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. Source: The Blog of Oa - Green Lantern: The Silver Age 1956 - 1970 - The Blog of Oa


Jack Black was originally set to play a version of Green Lantern in a comedy

Ryan Reynolds makes reference to Green Lantern’s suit in the 2016 Deadpool movie after Reynold’s had played Hal Jordan in the 2011 live action Green Lantern film.

Versions of many famous birds in entertainment have sported the Green Lantern ring. This includes; Daffy Duck (Duck Dodgers season 1 episode 9) as well as Big Bird, Blu from Rio, the Road Runner, Mumble from Happy Feet, one of the Angry Birds, and Mordecai from Regular Show (MAD animated TV show).

Kermit the Frog wasn’t a Lantern, but he did recite a version of the Green Lantern oath in a parody trailer for The Muppets (2011)

DC almost sold publishing rights for Green Lantern (and others) to Marvel


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@NYJt3: I’m a HUGE fan of this story arc- Rafa Sandoval’s art is GORGEOUS- but I don’t think the Speed Force itself is ever explicitly mentioned. This could be argued to be supposition.

@MRumsey: These are some great Silver Age tidbits, but we’re looking more for stuff like factoids than story summaries. Something like your Paul Newman anecdote would be perfect… except that you seem to be quoting your own website. Can you provide a secondary source?

@nu52: Love the Jack Black story. Using that. But we try to avoid facts that stray into copyrights by other companies, or too far out of the bounds of DC.


In Green Lantern #50 (1967), Hal Jordan quit being a test pilot for Ferris Air. For the next 10 years, he spent time as an insurance adjuster, a toy salesman, and a truck driver, before returning to work at Ferris in 1977. (Source: When Hal Jordan Isn't Working as a Test Pilot, He Works Some Odd Gigs)

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No problem @HubCityQuestion - I used my own article because my original sources are out of print and didn’t think you’d be able to find them in order to verify them. The Paul Newman and David Ben-Gurion references comes from pages 76-77 of Julius Schwartz’s autobiography, "“Man of Two Worlds”. I did some digging this evening and did find a link to those two pages of the book: Man of two worlds : Schwartz, Julius : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The reference to Sinestro getting his appearance from David Niven comes from an old issue of Wizard Magazine from 2007. I did find a link to a web archive on that one: Wizard Entertainment

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The Guardians "were physically based on David Ben-Gurion . . . " -DC Comics Encyclopedia P-521

Also, the creator of several of the original Green Lantern stories was Bill Finger, who had the same surname as my grandmother! I loved the Green Lantern well before I had ever discovered that. That was a neat coincidence for me.

Hal Jordan had a sidekick nicknamed “Pieface”