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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character that many regards as a modern-day Robin Hood, but is really so much more. Billionaire, archer extraordinaire, and member of the Justice League - Oliver Queen! Known as the Green Arrow to the scourge of Star City and Seattle, this vigilante superhero cares more about the plight of the poor and the suffering in America perhaps more than any other.

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Green Arrow can make a great chili according to Green Arrow (2016) #8.


His first live action appearance was on Smallville who was play by Justin Hartley.
The Queen family were first mention on Smallville in the first episode at the very beginning on a Newspaper! Oliver’s parents were killed in a plane crash.

Source: Smallville Season 1 episode 1, Season 6, episode 1


He can shoot and reload an arrow in 2.5 seconds.

Source: 26 Amazing And Interesting Facts About The Green Arrow - Tons Of Facts


His first appearance with his redesigned suit was The Brave and the Bold #85 and designed by Neal Adams.


DCU Digital Library


His first appearance in his hooded suit was The Longbow Hunters miniseries. Mike Grell wanted a more realistic Green Arrow and moved him to Seattle and decided he needed a warmer suit for the cold weather.


Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser by Dewey Cassell with Jeff Messer published by TwoMorrows Publishing.


His first solo comic was the 1983 Green Arrow Miniseries.


DCU Digital Library


The first appearance of Green Arrow’s chili was in Green Lantern / Green Arrow #85.


DC Fandom Wiki


Oliver once briefly wielded a Green Lantern ring, using all of his willpower to create an arrow that struck Sinestro in the chest, giving Kyle Rayner a chance to get the two of them to safety.

Source - Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 (2005)


Green Arrow’s chili is legendary, but this lore is quite a bit older than 2016!

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Trivia about first appearances in outside media are informative, but we’re always looking for something a little more creative or notable. Like that plane crash note, for instance: that’s pretty out of the ordinary!

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@HubCityQuestion in Smallville season 6 dvd they have a special feature on how Oliver became Green Arrow in a cartoon webisodes, Oliver’s Parents were killed in a plane crash that was cause by a bomb.
Not sure if it happened in comic but it did for the show.

Well. That was the most recent one in which I had seen it mentioned. Plus, my facts don’t matter. Because I don’t really know to much about Green Arrow other than the basics.

Green Arrow’s chili recipe absolutely belongs in the encyclopedia.


I don’t have a source but I know only Green arrow and Batman can stand Green arrows Chili

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Actually now that I think about it the source was from @HubCityQuestion On One of the DC dailies i don’t know which one though

Although they both share a great friend in the form of Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and Oliver Queen never got along. Barry heard Ollie talking about “the growing problems of police brutality” and “the blue fascist oppressoon” one too many times. He also saw him as a bad influence on Hal and thought he’d get him in trouble.

Source: Flash: Rebirth by Johns and VanSciver-- Q&A with Johns in the back of the TPB.

Green arrow can shoot arrows with his teeth

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Green Arrow and Hawkman have an extreme animosity towards each other, dating back to Justice League of America Vol 1 #100.

…But Justice League of America Vol 1 #104 is where the rivalry really took off.

Green Arrow-- the prototypical alt-left radical.
Hawkman-- an interstellar police officer of an imperialist galactic empire (at the time), essentially the epitome of the establishment.
Put them on the same team. What could go wrong?

Since JLA #100, GA and Carter/Katar have partaken in battles of wit, politics, and insults many times. Think of Thanksgiving with your extended family amplified ten times.

Here’s my personal favorite interaction. Gotta love Kevin Smith!

Green Arrow Vol 3, 13 (2001, Smith and Hester)

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The people who showed up to Green Arrow’s funeral include…

(Green Arrow Vol 3, #16 ((2001, Meltzer and Hester)).