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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who was one of the founding members of the original group of Super-Hero outcasts known as the Doom Patrol, this character lead a charmed life, first as an Olympian athlete, and later, as a movie star. She was exposed to toxic gases that granted her the amazing ability to change her size and shape. She met and fell in love with the billionaire Steve Dayton, who became the Super-Hero called Mento so the pair could become a crime-fighting couple. Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Elasti-Woman!

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In JLA: year one, it is revealed that Martian manhunter is a fan of Rita’s acting, and that he actually wished for her return Into the profession.

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She was once nominated for a Golden Globe.

Source: Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 2 “Donkey Patrol”.


Her father Frank Farr was a famous Hollywood actor who cheated on his wife Barbara Stanwyck with Rita’s mother, actress Rachel Drake.

Doomsday Clock #3


Rita Farr adopted Beast Boy

In Doom Patrol #95 (May 1965), Elasti-Girl swaps powers with Negative Man to become Negative Girl.

Rita Farr appears in two episodes of Young Justice, Season 1 episode 21 & season 3 episode 12.

Rita appears in the Teen Titans cartoon, season 5 episode 1 & 2, homecoming part I & II

She also appears in Batman the Brave and the Bold, season 2 episode 15, The Last Patrol!

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This won’t make it in because it’s talking about another company, but Elastigirl from the Incredibles had to be renamed “Mrs. Incredible” on merchandise because of Rita Farr’s Elasti-Girl. Elastigirl could only be called Elastigirl in the movie and stories based on the Incredibles, similarly to how Captain Marvel can still be called Captain Marvel inside the pages of his comic, but the title has to be Shazam.