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Hey, all! Just as clarificiation: any facts you have about the team AS A WHOLE are going to be ideal here, as opposed to individual members. (They’ll get their chance, eventually.)


The Doom Patrol was parodied as Doom Patrol Go in Young Justice Outsiders Season 3 episode 12 Nightmare Monkeys. Starts at 12:50 and “returns” at 13:13 in the episode on DC Universe. The members they included were Beast Boy, Elasti-Girl, Chief, Robot Man, Negative Girl, and Elasti-Girl’s husband Steve Dayton aka The Magnificent Mento.

Here is a picture of the full Doom Patrol Go Team all together.


The team once lived in a house full of sex ghosts (sexually remaindered spirits).[Vol 2, 67-87]

Writer Rachel Pollack and editor Tom Peyer ran an angle in the letter column of vol 2, towards the end of Morrison’s run, where she wrote as a fan, begging to take over, with Peyer eventually “relenting” after reading a letter that Pollack said she had already told her mom she had the job. I don’t have all of the letter cols, but there’s one in 60.

They parodied X-Force as Doom Force in a special. They were also part of the Amalgam crossover as X-Patrol and Exciting X-Patrol

Volume 4, by John Byrne, never happened and doesn’t exist no matter what anyone says.

Thayer Jost, a businessman, put together a team of heroes for Jost Inc, decided to call them Doom Patrol without actually owning the Doom Patrol IP and had to get them from Cliff. (vol 3 1+)


[citation needed]

Grant Morrison, known and respected for his work on Doom Patrol, has cited the Silver Age of Comics as his favorite comic book era. He especially has noted the work of Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil on such comics as The Flash and Green Lantern.


The final issue of the original series Doom Patrol #121 opened with artist Bruno Premiani and editor Murray Boltinoff telling readers that only they could save the team.


The Doom Patrol’s original name was “The Legion of the Strange.” Robotman was originally known as Automaton.

Edit: They were originally going to be called “The Legion of the Strange,” even being advertised as that, but the name was changed before publication.

Edit: Robotman is referred to as Automaton on the cover of Doom Patrol’s first appearance.

Robotman is the only character to appear in all 6 Doom Patrol series


The team fought a villain who believed he was the re-incarnation of Jack the Ripper and God. They were able to defeat him by Crazy Jane releasing his collection of pinned butterflies. His name was Red Jack and appeared in Doom Patrol v2 #23 and 24.


Red Jack already has his own bio!





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They appeared in Titans
Source: The Titans episode “Doom Patrol”

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Robotman has been the only constant member of each iteration of the doom patrol.

My Greatest Adventure #80
Doom Patrol vol 2 #1
Doom Patrol vol 3 #1
Doom Patrol vol 4# 1
Doom Patrol vol 5 #1
Doom Patrol vol 6 #1

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