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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about Boss Dark Side, Lord of the hellish world known as Apokolips. Although equipped with an army of devotees who are more than happy to carry out his bidding, this character seeks more than just control of a single world - after all, what good is controlling a mere planet when one can have the entire universe? Of course, we can only be talking about the one and only Darkseid!

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Darkseid’s middle name is “Herman” and he likes fruit trays: source @biff_pow.

(I’m joking about that but not about this)

Darkseid sent Batman back in time during final crisis but it appeared that Bats had been killed. (Final Crisis #6)(Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne)


FACT: Darkseid is.


According to writer Mark Evanier, Jack Kirby based Darkseid’s appearance on the late actor Jack Palance. (Source)


In Post-Flashpoint version was not always bald. Instead, he was formerly brown haired, with a brown beard as well.

Source: Justice League vol 2 #23
and Infinity Man and the Forever People #5


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There’s a recurring gag about Darkseid sitting in someone’s living room.


New Gods 2 Darkseid
New Gods #2

Ambush Bug 1 Darkseid
Ambush Bug #1

Action 593 Darkseid
Action Comics #593

JLI 21 Darkseid
Justice League International #21

Dr. Fate #11

Countdown 4 Darkseid
Countdown to Final Crisis #4

DCU Legacies 8 Darkseid
DCU: Legacies #8

Even if it doesn’t end up in the encyclopedia, it had to be mentioned somewhere. The gag even has its own Tumblr page, Darkseid Chilling on a Couch. :stuck_out_tongue:


One of Darkseid’s most bitter foes is St. Nicholas himself.

Every Christmas, Santa braves Apokolips’ army and defenses to deliver him a lump of coal.

Every. Single. Year.

DCU Holiday Bash (1998)

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Started by the man, Kirby himself.