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Selina Kyle was the Cat, and before the less feline, skin-tight body suit and goggles, she dressed up like an old lady to steal stuff.
Source: Batman #1

Early depictions show her with a cat head and bright yellow cape before the costume evolved.
Source: Batman 1940’s


This section could use a little refining:

She was given her first proper backstory ten years after her introduction in BATMAN #62 (1950) which established she was an amnesiac who had worked as a flight attendant during a flight that had crashed. The story, however, was later proven to be a lie Selina had made up in order to garner sympathy for her life of crime.

The first sentence is fine, but the second sentence should clarify that her Golden Age origin was retconned in an after-the-fact Earth-Two story (albeit a good one), Brave and the Bold #197.



Catwoman had a sidekick named Catgirl (Kitrina Falcone)


Catwoman was banned by the Comics Code Authority

Detective Comics #211 was Catwoman’s last appearance for over a decade.


Batman #332 (Feb 1981 cover date) featured Catwoman’s first solo story, 40 years after Selina’s first appearance.



After Detective Comics #211 (1954), Selina didn’t reappear until, of all places, Lois Lane #70 (1966). From my understanding, Batwoman was essentially introduced in 1956 to replace Catwoman as Batman’s love interest.


Source (see “Notes” section at link below):


oMG! superpussy cat is :heart_eyes: adorable.

Cat woman had a Kitty car in some of the 1940 episodes.

Not an inconspicuous getaway, but meow! :smile_cat:


Selina was the owner of a nightclub called The Tin Roof Club.

Source: Action Comcs #611 (1988)


Catwoman was one of the few people to steal from A.R.G.U.S’ Black room successfully.

Source: Catwoman vol 4 #15


In Catwoman (2001) No Easy Way Down Arc, #17-#19 (page #8 issue #17 to be very specific) Selina & Slam Bradley also had a romantic relationship. Off & On, throughout the arc before Slam? called it off…what? True.


catwoman has broken into both the batcave and the fortress of solitude both near impossible feats
sources: detective comics 526 (batcave) and injustice gods among us 11 (fortress of solitude)


In The Dark Knight Returns, Selina Kyle became a madam of an escort service after retiring from Catwoman.

Source: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (2013), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #3 (1986)


There’s a stalagmite in the Batcave that kinda looks like a cat. Batman once showed it to Catwoman as an awkward way of expressing his love for her.

I don’t know if this information is encyclopedia-worthy, but I just felt that everyone needed another reminder that Bruce Wayne is a total dork. (Source: Batman #389)


During the 1996 DC vs Marvel Selena Kyle fought Elecktra and lost during there fight!



Catwoman once gained the power to duplicate.
Up to 9 bodies at once

Source- Batman Beyond 2011

HubCityQuestion has stated this in a different thread

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In Batman 1940 #15, Selina confesses to Batman that she’s in love with Bruce Wayne and the only way that she’d give up her life of crime would be if he returned her feelings. So, as one does, Bruce proposes and they become engaged! Except, he’s in love with Linda Page, not Selina. Once she finds this out, Selina, betrayed, leaves Bruce and returns to her life of crime, doubling her efforts and making quite the name for herself. ::catwoman_hv_2::
(Source: Batman #15 and DC Comics Covergirls)


She discovered Batman’s identity before he discovered hers: [Batman (2016) Annual 2)

She also discovered Superman’s identity before Batman told her [Batman (2016) issue 36]