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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about a character who is commonly associated with Batman, daughter of assassins David Cain and Lady Shiva, was deprived of speech and human contact during her childhood as conditioning to become the world’s greatest assassin, found new life as the fourth Batgirl…of course we can only be talking about Cassandra Cain/Orphan!

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Confession: I did the easy thing and googled.

Here is a fun fact I found:

She was trained to be Ra’s Al Ghul’s bodyguard.


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Takes a virtual bow to @HubCityQuestion’s superior knowledge of all things DC.

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Cassandra Cain’s favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. Source: Batgirl (2000-) #13.


Under the alias of Kasumi, Cassandra was once part of a JLA black ops team called Justice League Elite.

Source: Justice League Elite #9

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Batman 567

Cass’s first word was “stop”

Batgirl (2000) 4

At 8 years old, she killed Faizul, a “bookkeeper” for a criminal organization.

Batgirl (2000) 6

A telepath rewrote Cass’s brain so that she could speak English. This greatly negated her fighting abilities.

Secret Files and Origins: Batgirl

Cass took out a Barbara Gordon- Batgirl simulation in .37 seconds.

Young Justice: Season 3

Cass has two appearances, including the last episode of the season.

Justice League

Cass makes an uncredited appearance in the episode “Savage Time”

and HCQ. GET IN LINE! It starts behind me.


she was the first Batgirl to have a solo comic (Batgirl 2000#1) Cassandra was adopted by Bruce Wayne in (Batgirl 2008 #6 ) her first kiss was Conner Kent Superboy (Batgirl 2000 #40) she was the first person to defeat Lady Shiva in single combat (Batgirl 2000 #25) she was called Cassandra for the first time in the novelization of no Man’s Land by Greg Rucka. She has technically died twice first time in (Batgirl 2000# 25) the other time in (batgirl 2000 # 72 and is resurrected both times by Lady Shiva the first timers through a special technique and the second time was the Lazarus pit.


(Damn, I was gonna do the chocolate and the first word ones! You guys are quick on the draw)

After realizing she could not best him in hand to hand combat due to his nonsensical body language, Cassandra Cain once beat the Joker by walking away and saying she was bored now. (DC First: Batgirl/Joker, 2002)

Cass once wore Barbara’s old Batgirl costume out on patrol. She immediately slipped on the high heels. (Batgirl 2000, #45)

Cass also is commonly associated with a rose motif, beginning in her Batgirl run and most recently showing up in her cape in Shadow of the Batgirl, but I’m not sure how to cite that


She has the skills to beat even Batman in hand to hand combat and he knows it.

Source: Detective Comics (2016) #951