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This week, we’re asking DC fans to submit their fun trivia facts about our own electrifying superhero, Jefferson Pierce, AKA Black Lightning! What inspired his creation? How many volts can his powers achieve?

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Black Lightning was going to be in the animated show Super Friends but because of characters rights and licensing he wasn’t allowed to be use which lead to the creation of Black Vulcan who has similar powers, abilities, and design.



In the original Black Lightning series, Jefferson Pierce wasn’t a metahuman. All of his electrical powers were generated by his suit. Source: Black Lightning (1977)


@HCQ until eventually the power from the suit became one with him. Ah good memories​:grin::blush:

Also Peter Gambi made and gave him that suit :cupid: Gambi, who was like a father to Black :cloud_with_lightning:. However was also sadly the one who killed Lightning’s actual father and gave his life to protect Lightning from his enemy Tobias Whale!!

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@megageekmixer.31353 Your enthusiasm for Black Lightning is understandable! He is one of Batman’s go-to guys, after all. But have you read the Encyclopedia entry? It’s already got a LOT of great info, including his history with Gambi and Tobias Whale!

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@thedarkmite Yeah i know about Black Lightning and Batman Partnership both are the founding members of the Outsider. No I haven’t, actually have both volumes of his orginal comic run 1977 and read Year One.

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Black Lightning is played on TV by actor Cress Williams. But Cress Williams’ first appearance in the DC Universe was as Superman villain Baron Sunday in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. (Source: