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  • Power Girl was Oracle’s first operative, but the two had a falling out, leading Oracle to recruit Black Canary instead. Source: Birds of Prey #42
  • The Birds of Prey were originally headquartered in the Gotham Clock Tower, which was destroyed by Black Mask in a gang war. Source: Birds of Prey #75
  • The name “Birds of Prey” was first suggested in-story by Lady Blackhawk. Source: Birds of Prey #86

Hawk (Hank Hall) was the first male member of the Birds of Prey.

Source: Birds of Prey #1 (2010)

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Eh, that depends on how you define “member.”

On that note:

  • The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, was a frequent ally of the Birds of Prey after encountering Oracle anonymously over the internet. Source: Birds of Prey #15

He and Dawn were working with the rest of the team on a regular basis during that run and they were featured on several covers in Vol. 2. It may not have been a long run, but if that still doesn’t constitute being part of the team, I don’t know what does

No, I get that. I meant that I would consider Blue Beetle or at least Savant and Creote to have been members earlier.

Damn, everything I saw at first seemed to indicate Hank was the first male member, but clearly I didn’t dig deep enough. I’ll just have to try again

It’s borderline. Kinda weird since it wasn’t really originally a “team” book so much as about the Oracle/Black Canary duo, but then there were characters who appeared often enough that they might’ve been considered members if it had happened later on when it was more of a team.

Though the team’s first official appearance was in Black Canary/Oracle: Birds of Prey #1 in 1996, some consider their debut to have come in Showcase '96 #3, released about a month earlier. The issue featured a story called “Birds of a Feather” where Black Canary and Oracle, who already know each other, team up with Lois Lane to fight slave traders in Santa Prisca. The issue also marked the debut of Dinah’s new costume that she would wear as a member of the Birds

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