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Artemis appeared in the television series Arrow as Evelyn Sharp, an original character who also battled H.I.V.E. under the name of Black Canary. As Artemis, Sharp joins Team Arrow for a time, but betrays Oliver to Prometheus when she discovers his history as a killer. (Source: Arrow, Seasons 4 and 5)


In Young Justice: Outsiders, Artemis has a pit bull named Brucely. In real life, Artemis’s voice actor Stephanie Lemelin is on the board of Angel City Pit Bulls, a nonprofit organization which finds homes for stray pit bulls in Los Angeles. (Source:


Dang @hubcityquestions that’s some good stuff right there


Artemis was the first character to be revealed in the cast of Young Justice. She was revealed when Stephanie Lemelin (the actress who plays her) revealed on her blog that she will be in the series and will play Arrowette. This post was removed from her blog. Later when the series was announced it was revealed to be Artemis.



It all started with the Arrow-Verse

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Artemis competed in the 2000 Olympic games for Zandia



That’s a really good one, @Samicles! But you should know for the future we’re not using Wikis as sources. Kind of a copy of a copy, you know? I prefer things to be a little more direct.