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Um, this could go in Affiliations or maybe history:
She was once in President Luthors Cabinet as Secretary of Metahuman Affairs
source: Screen Rant, 15 things you didn’t know about Amanda Waller
She created JLA (N52-)
Source: New 52 Justice League of America


She technically created Batman Beyond.
Using Batman’s genes she overwrite the reproductive code of Warren McGinnis so when he did have a kid it would technically be genetically able to carry out the Batman’s legacy.

Source: Justice League Unlimited the final episode Epilogue


:mag_right: Possible Side Connection (or Fun Fact):
Adeline Kane (ex-wife of Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke) has a butler named “Waller”. He is first featured in Deathstroke (The Terminator) #1 and again in Deathstroke (The Terminator) #12.

It’s interesting that Amanda Waller’s character was created in 1986 and in 1991, the Deathstroke comics decided to introduce another person with the very same last name (presumably unrelated).


During the Blackest Night event, Waller held the title of Mockingbird, a.k.a. the covert leader of the Secret Six.

Source: Secret Six #18 (2010)


She was in Green Lantern (2011) and portrayed by Angela Bassett