Things Done in Comic Books That You Can’t Stand

After reading any book with Batman Who Laughs and the horrible and almost unreadable red on black font, I realized that there are certain things that i don’t like done in comic books.

What are the things you can’t stand that are done in comic books?


Continuity lock out. It is why I mostly read elseworlds.


Art for art sake. Yes, it might be a stunning visual. But if it isn’t there to truly move the story forward, it’s just eye candy. People will talk of bad pacing by writers, I think the same issue effects artists.


Lower case lettering in word balloons. It just makes it harder to read.


Cursive, like when following a character’s thoughts in a journal. Most of the time it just makes the comic harder to read.


Characters like the Batman who Laughs

Red on black lettering.

Cant read without extreme effort

Not worrh it when spend the time to try.

  • Inane dialogue.

Relaunches on an existing title specifically so they can put a #1 on it. Especially after recently relaunching the same title.


Killing characters. Either they come back and decrease the weight of consequences, or they don’t, and we’ve lost that character.


Not enough exposition. I don’t necessarily need my hand held (a little info goes a long way), but I’ve read numerous issues where I just plain couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on. And not in an intentional “mystery to be revealed as the story goes along” way, either. The characters will be doing something (that may or may not be drawn from a strange angle or in an odd style, so you don’t even know what you’re looking at) and they’ll be talking to each other in obtuse or coded language, or using short, disconnected sentences, about what they’re doing (or about a different topic altogether, making matters worse). The characters themselves know what they’re doing and talking about, but the reader sure doesn’t. Makes me feel dumb. Comics shouldn’t make me feel dumb. :unamused:


This is a weak one. I have an issue with the color scheme of Metamorpho. It used to drive me crazy & I love him as I do all DC characters. I rarely notice it much anymore. It used to be so aesthetically displeasing I couldn’t understand how that was accepted as the way he should be drawn. Being a combination of all things tho, it does fit the characters story. I guess it’s the Italian in me when I see bad fashion choices color wise?


Oh, just thought of 2. In digital (usually it’s a GL comic) I hate when they choose a bracket with the same color as the font & u can’t read it. The second. I hate (again in digital) when the frames don’t match up with the panel by panel. So, for example, u forward to the next panel & the words are cut off & u only see the legs of a character. Easily remedied by going to my iPad, but still gets to me. Especially when I’m flying along on my Appletv & I’m 10 issues in. Then all of a sudden there’s an issue with issues.


I did mine b4 reading others. You & @TravisMorgan are right with me on the difficult reading thing.


Endless two page spreads. Murder to read on a normal sized tablet.


Tie-ins that don’t really tie in to the main story.


Two page spreads that you have to turn on their sides.
Just why? I literally have to stop reading–breaking my immersion–just to turn the book on its side, resume reading, flip the page, turn the book again–breaking my immersion again–and then resume reading again.
Why not just do a freakin’ splash page??


Confusing the reader with “voice-overs”, excessive time-jumps, and indistinct establishing shots.

  1. what many of you have already mentioned… Hard to read word balloons… (i.e. too small words, background color that makes it too hard to read etc.)

  2. writer assumes we remember or are familiar with a story from 20, 30, or 40 years ago :roll_eyes:.

3)writing entire issues where it was all a dream (Kinigjtmares… anyone). Or giving the character amnesia to supposedly make the story more interesting. But in actuality… it’s unforgivable. I like King, Snyder, and Lobdell, but that kind of storytelling is lazy. I’m sorry… but those two storytelling tactics should NEVER be used again in comics… in this century.! (Geez what a waste of Subscribers money that is)


Harley Quinn and Deadpool.
2 characters that started out great and now no longer resemble their original incarnations. Harley was a great character when she was on B:TAS. Now she’s a walking ad for girl power. Isnt that Wonder Womans job? One of the things that made her wonderful was she was so f’d up from the joker, that she fell in love with him.


I hate amnesia and dream comics normally, but I think it can be done. Knightmares works because it’s 1) a huge meta commentary on Batman, and 2) all about Batman’s inner life, which was a closed door for 10 issues, so I was really excited to find out what he was thinking after all that time. And Kelly Sue DeConnick did a good amnesia arc for Aquaman.


I agree, Unless it is used to advance the story or develop a character, killing characters just to do it, or to kill a character to get people to read the comic is just not something I am for!