They stopped showing the DC animated intro. in DC Live Action Movies

Hello World this is my first ever thread post, but getting to the topic.

I used to see the DC Animation Intros in the live action movies like Wonder Woman and Justice League. But the new Shazam Movie (It was great btw), the DC Animat. Intro. is not there, but just showing the DC Logo. I wonder if they are going to just incorporate in animated movies, and tv shows. Since I do see it in the animated movie (Justice League vs The Fatal Five & Doom Patrol). I was wondering if anyone ever noticed about this too because the intro is short and pretty good, hope they incorporate it again in the live action movies.

For Example:

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Boo! I really liked that intro.


They didn’t stop using it. If memory serves, the director said he forgot to put it in.


I really liked that. At least it’s still in Doom Patrol.

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The director David F. Sandberg honestly said he just forgot to include it. So don’t worry, it’s not gone forever. It was just his mistake. Maybe they’ll add it in for the DVD/Digital release.


Ah kk, didn’t know. Thank You for telling me, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

In Avengers, the date I saw the the Endgame, some of my family walked out “no trailers” and it was already over 3 hours, however, everyone in the audience stayed, so I went back in. Family followed. Then they showed the trailer of Spiderman - newly added 3 hours ago. We had missed the first 30 sec or so coming in late. So we stayed til the next show, which had an insert with the actor who plays Peter Parker, out of costume, saying hi probably didn’t expect to see him but they have a promo about his film but they don’t want to spoil this movie for us so they are placing it at the end, and enjoy our movie and please stay at the end. Ah, so that is what it was. My point is, technically it’s possible for DC to add something in after the fact at theaters for distribution if they really need to.

It was probably a creative decision on Sandberg’s part to not have the current logo appear as it has in previous movies.

The previous logos varied in how they were utilized in the openings of other movies too.