They Should be a CW Superman Show

I would love to see the CW do a Superman show with Tyler Hoechlin of course !!! Thoughts?


Agreed or I would take a Superman series on here


They’ve done that

I would love to see a CW Superman tv show, but I’m afraid it would be too “topical” and thus be a crashing bore like Supergirl. You can tell meaningful stories set in the “real world” but they need to be varied and inclusive and not told from just one point of view. How diverse would it be if we got characters in the Berlanti-verse that were not crazed, one-note dirt-bags because they had the temerity to disagree Kara, Barry or Sarah? Better yet, jettison the hot topics and tell dramatic action-packed stories

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I’m pretty sure it’s called Smallville. I say give Superman to HBO, AMC, or even FX. CW shows are just relationship dramas stretched out through the classic “creature of the week” tv formula. Superman deserves to be more than that. Superman needs a Game of Thrones or Westworld budget for special effects (Jonathan Nolan writing woulnt hurt either)

How about a superboy show?