They should add the comic old Swamp Thing tv show and movies to DC Universe

I just think it fits since they added the old Shazam show for the movie they should add the old movies and tv shows for Swamp Thing cause of the show

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None of the previous Swamp Thing movies or TV shows are owned by Warner Brothers, so they’re likely a no-go.


You can check out The Return of Swamp Thing on the Roku Channel if you have a Roku. That’s the best you’ll get sadly.

One of the Swamp Thing movies is available for streaming for free on YouTube at the moment. Can’t remember which one.

To add to the alternate sources list- for a while the Pluto TV app had a channel that showed the Swamp Thing cartoons, they might still do.
It would be nice to have all that here though. I never got to see the series when it was on USA in the 90’s. I own the old movies and like every interpretation.