These Characters Need A Solo Series

I have noticed that Lady Shiva doesn’t have her own series. I would love to learn more about her backstory and see her current-day adventures when she doesn’t make a much welcome cameo in another book.
Just think of all the fun fight scenes and thought bubbles of how she will beat her opponent. I really need her solo series in my life.

There is also Black Alice. She is a newer character, at least when compared to Lady Shiva, that I think could carry her own miniseries. We would get a lot of fun horror scenes while she does her thing.

Are there any characters that have never had a solo series that you would want to see get one?


For me it would be Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. I have always loved the character and I think it would be great to see her in her own title.


Is Let’s Talk Lady Shiva on twitter paying for this post? :wink:

But in all seriousness, there are several characters I’d love to see a first solo series for:

Misfit (Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe)
Harold Allnut
Vicki Vale


Yes to all suggestions so far! Especially Jessica and Lady Shiva. I’d really like to see a solo series on Talia Al Ghul. I mean she’s lead the League of Assassins and Leviathan. I think that would be really fascinating from her perspective.


Admittedly, I am not a big Green Lantern fan. Just way too much backstory for me to try to get into. However, I have read a few of the Justice League Odyssey comics and I really liked her and I think I would read her solo series. I mean, I did read most of Far Sector and enjoyed it. Both are series I need to go back to and finish.

No, they aren’t. However, I do agree with them on this subject.

I am not familiar with Harold Allnut, but Vicki Vale and Misfit books could be interesting and are more than likely to appear on my pull list.

I almost put her in my original post. She has a rich history that would be a blast to explore. I absolutely agree with Talia having a solo series. If we had to have a team-up, maybe a Shiva and Talia book would work. I would prefer solo series but that team-up would be fun.


I love these Lady Shiva panels from the 80’s Question series. It’s the first time I was ever introduced to her.:martial_arts_uniform::facepunch:t3::fire:

Would definitely love to see a comic series where they explore her thought process in taking down her opponents.

A Bronze Tiger series would be my second choice for the very same reason.


Lady Shiva getting a solo or mini would be great!

As for me, I know i’m only 1 of 2 people that like the character, but i’d like to see Telos return and get a proper ending to his story.

Also would love a new Captain Carrot and The Amazing Zoo Crew ongoing!

And finally a Saint Walker/Blue Lantern mini-series would be nice.


June Moone (Enchantress)

Whenever we see her in comics, she is consistently shown to be a jack of all trades with being a incredibly powerful sorceress.

Matter manipulation

Traveling the multiverse

Channel all the powerful magic of the world.

Making anyone come back to life

Even make them undead.

Going against Superman and Justice League Dark on separate occasions.

June Moone is a tragic anti-hero, whether she is in complete control or a dual personality alongside Enchantress, doesn’t matter, as both could be interesting. Exploring the shade of morality of their character could be perfect for a ongoing.


We need a comeback for the entire Kung-Fighter cast: Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger.


Ooh, I like this idea. I’d read this series. And it doesn’t have to be a mini-series.

I’d also read a Lady Shiva series, for the record.

A solo series for Kid Devil/Red Devil would be nice. I don’t think he has ever had one.


I am reading Reign In Hell for House of Horror Club (sorry for the self-promotion) and I started to wonder if she has a solo series. I would definitely be interested in seeing more of her in a solo setting.


No, she had a short side story in the late 1960s in Strange Adventures but that doesn’t really count, does it?

She was featured in day of Vengeance and as a member of the magic team the shadowpact, it gives you a pretty good idea of what she is all about.
A ruthless witch who fights on the side of good but has a dark streak when she goes berserk.

I actually have a dream book where artist and comic writer Stjepan Šejić, workshops a Enchantress series based on his work from Death Vigil and this single panel he did for Suicide Squad #20


Wildcat has so much star power and if someone was just willing to spend time to give him a solid status quo and supporting cast he’d be incredibly popular I know it


After finishing both the tv show, and reading his mini series, I’ve been wanting for DC to announce a Peacemaker solo series. I would love series written by Garth Ennis, and drawn by Ryan Ottley. It could have similar tone to the show.


Harold Allnut was one of Batman’s tech guys - he was mute and had some physical deformities, but was brilliant and kind. I believe he was invented in the early 90s - there’s a really great story with him in Detective Comics #650 (just after Stephanie Brown was created!). Jeph Loeb did him EXTREMELY dirty in Hush, but Scott Snyder brought him back in All Star Batman during Rebirth.

I would say Jim Gordon, but he’s already gotten a mini or two, plus the current The Joker title is basically a Jim Gordon solo. :wink:

(And, of course, if we’re going for solos for characters who haven’t had MANY solo series, then clearly Stephanie Brown should have one for sure. :wink: )


A Lady Shiva solo would be grand. It better be written very well too, as the character really deserves it. It would have been a boon back in the original Vertigo days.



How do you make a character like her into a main comic character? Best idea I’d have would be make her an anti-hero if you think that could work


i think batgirl need her solo series


If you are referring to Lady Shiva, she sort of already is an anti-hero. Her background is pretty fleshed out but filled with mystery and can definitely be expanded on. Actually, that could be a hook of the series is trying to figure out what she says is real and what is her lies.


I feel like wild cat is over due. Specifically ted grant