There is no better Green Lantern than G’Nort

I’ve decided that today, while the rest of the USA watches the foozball, I shall take this moment to claim G’Nort as the Greatest of all Green Lanterns.

My evidence is as follows.

  1. G’Nort is a sidekick master. While most superheroes not named Batman barely get one sidekick in their lifetime, G’Nort had TWO

The Scarlet Skier


And Sax-Girl!

  1. G’Nort has been featured as a central character in a Batman non-comic media which cements him as at least one of the greats.

  1. Superman instantly took a liking to G’Nort upon their first meeting and even gave him a commendation.

Compare that to Superman knocking out Hal Jordan upon their first meeting in New 52 JLA, or Superman declaring that John Stewart isn’t Green Lantern in pre-Crisis JLA, or Superman giving a decidedly frank observation of “Who are you supposed to be?” to Kyle Rayner…not too shabby for the G’Nort.

  1. G’Nort was the only alien Green Lantern allowed in the Green Lantern 80 Page Giant that was published a few years after the complete dismantling of the Green Lantern Corps. At the time only ex earth Green Lanterns were allowed to be shown pretty much.

  1. After Emerald Twilight, G’Nort loses his ring but doesn’t let that stop him. He joins another space cops outfit known as the Darkstars!

  1. Geoff Johns among other creatives bring Hal Jordan back and reinvent the GL mythos. G’Nort is ignored entirely.

But thanks to constant annoying clamoring by G’Nort roadies, Geoff Johns let his hatred of G’Nort subside for his final issue.

Lots of other reasons.

G’Nort beats out Kyle Rayner as first GL to not meet the criteria of a typical Corpsmen.

G’Nort was scared sh—less going into battle loooong before Green Lanterns adopted the idea of “Of course we show fear, we just overcome it”

G’Nort had a teenage girl sidekick much like Hal Jordan did but G’Nort went a different way and kept his paws off and eventually reunited her with her family so she could lead a normal life.

Justice League. Antartica.

To G’Nort - The Greatest Green Lantern!


Chaselon is better.


That’s a really good point.



Not really. He is so smooth and shiny.


G’Nort has also been known to be smooth…a smooth criminal!


My favorite is Rot Lop Fan, though I suppose he’s technically an F Sharp Bell, as opposed to a Green Lantern.


Just looked up his bio, that’s hilarious.

I should reread the Tales of the Corps specials, I haven’t for a very long time.

I wonder what an Alan Moore G’Nort story would look like.