Theory About the New Joker and Movie

Sorry if this has been brought up already.

So with Jaquin Phoenix’s new Joker movie in play, I’ve been wondering.

I’m assuming and hoping they aren’t making this separate from the existing DCEU, so I’m wondering if they’re maybe combining Batman Beyond’s Return of the Joker with A Death in the Family.

Meaning what if JP’s Joker is the original Joker, and the Joker in Suicide Squad is Jason Todd-turned Joker?

The original Joker mangles or brainwashes Jason Todd, who at first looks like he’s Joker’s new side-kick but then turns on JP, like in Return of the Joker.

And now Jason Todd is back as Joker, dating Harley, and tormenting Batman.

I was one of those people who scoffed at the idea of Jason Todd being Joker back when BvS and SS came out, but looks like I could be wrong.


I’ve seen/read a theory very similar to this, and while it could make for good story telling, I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen. iirc, it’s been confirmed that Todd Philipps’ Joker movie is completely separate from the DCEU and a stand alone meaning we won’t get JP as the joker after this movie. Things can change, but at this point, this is the direction they are going with.

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A wish The Joker was like this theory but it can’t.

I just wish they made the Joker more Joker-y, he seemed a little tame in the last movie and his role should have been bigger.

I remember watching an interview with David Ayer saying that The Joker in Suicide Squad was not Jason Todd. We see in Batman v Superman via an Easter egg that Dick Grayson is dead.

My theory is that Tim Drake was the one tortured by Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker, and he became the Joker we see in Suicide Squad. Leto’s Joker has a line saying that Harley used electroshock therapy to scramble his memories while he was in Arkham Asylum.

While I think it would be a great way to tie this new Joker movie into the DCEU (Worlds of DC), I also know that WB has no interest in continuing the story introduced in Batman v Superman.

I think this film will not be related to anything. Because of the multiple comments from the director, actors, studio, and writers saying it wont. It’s a character study, not a summer blockbuster adventure movie. Can you imagine a sequel to Taxi Driver where he fights a costumed vigilante? That would be dumb


“Taxi Driver vs Uber Man”

Tagline: “Whoever wins, we still get a ride.”

Coming to your multiplex never. See it in IMAX.

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Joker is completely and utterly disconnected from any cinematic universe – from what I understand, it’s one of the big reasons why Phoenix decided to take the role in the first place, because he doesn’t do franchise pictures.

And that “SS Joker is Jason Todd” theory needs to die via crowbar already.