Theories on What You Think the Jim Lee Artwork Revealed at the End of Fandom 2021

I think they are reversing the loss of the other multiverses with the seven or sow resets mentioned in the final issue of death metal.

That’s already a done deal. “Multiverse-Two” was part of Infinite Frontier.

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true, however, Multiverse 2 goes back to even earlier as I recall reading that there is a cross in the new earth era after the multiverse was recreated.

I’ve heard people suggest that since Lee was using all movie characters and that since he’s been a big person in the multimedia department of late, that it’s hinting at a multiversal “Crisis” event within the movies, but who knows.

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I have been reading Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse and was thinking that it would be fun for DC to do something like this with the animated franchises.