Themyscira: Discuss Wonder Woman, Amazons, & more!

I :heart: Wonder Woman!

This thread is for all-things-Amazon.

Are you a Wonder Woman fan?

What do you love about Wonder Woman? Amazons?

What was your first exposure to Wonder Woman? Mine was a Wonder Woman themed light switch in the house when I was a kid.

Share your thoughts, WW experiences, meet other fans, and fan-out in the comments.


I’m a Wonder Woman fan. First exposure…I don’t know precisely. Maybe her action figure made by Toy Biz? I really enjoyed that when I was little. Don’t remember my first comic book exposure to her. She’s a great embodiment of all the things that make women wonderful.


My favorite Wonder Woman comic book stories are:

-“Odyssey” by J. Michael Straczynski, Phil Hester and Don Kramer
-“Who is Wonder Woman?” by Allan Heinberg (same dude that wrote the live action movie) and illustrated by Terry and Rachel Dodson

Favorite ongoing of hers is The New 52 series as that’s also my favorite uniform of hers.

Susan Eisenberg is my favorite WW in general. DCAU is perfection.


Her New 52 run is what turned me into a comic book fan. I just HAD to know what was going to happen next throughout the series.


I don’t think I could pinpoint my first “exposure” to Wonder Woman. She’s such an iconic character and has become so integrated into pop culture that I feel like she’s just one of those things that part of the mass subconscious and everyone just knows who she is without having to see her actual image.

The Justice League animated series was when I first “saw” her, though. I will always love the interpretation of her and still hear that version of her voice when reading any kind of fanfic with her in it, haha!

The Hiketeia and League of One are my favorite WW stories.

Also think that the Wonder fam needs some much needed love! I want Diana, Donna, and Cassie together, with the other Amazons being BAMFs!


It’s the only WW ongoing I currently have in its entirety in print. Picked and chose favorite stories from the other volumes but New 52 had to stay. It wobbles here and there but the positives outweigh the negatives. Plus David Finch illustrated alot of that series and I love his art.


I’m also a big fan of Artemis, specifically the version illustrated by Mike Deodato and her Rebirth iteration.


@Sunflower, I agree, the Wonder family needs more love!

I’m adding the two comics you mentioned to my “to read” list.


afternoon reruns of Lynda Carter was my first (and Wonder Girl!)

don’t have much Perez or Rucka, but all of New 52 and Rebirth …

easily favorite story, The True Amazon graphic novel, words and art by Jill Thompson … which I believe is the first time a Wonder Woman origin is based on love and loss–until next when we see the death of Antiope in the new film


I’ve been meaning to check out The True Amazon. Might just do that at some point soon.


The True Amazon packs an emotional punch. It’s a pretty deep story.


It’s one of those “Should I read it now or later?” titles and I usually choose later. My interest is getting piqued, the more we discuss it though.


Adds to mile long list


I had a WW back pack in the first grade. Had no idea who she was. I just really liked the backpack!

Then my friend showed me a WW comic book bc she thought I was a fan. I quickly became one.



I for one would love to see a Themyscira TV show centered around Donna Troy and the Amazon’s. They must have plenty of background footage from the movies they could use


In one of the “What DC shows would you like to see get made?” threads from a while back, I suggested a show by the name of Artemis and the Warriors of Themyscira. I’m glad other people are interested in their exploits.

Has anyone read the Odyssey of the Amazons mini-series? I really liked it.


My first exposure was her on the JL cartoon.

What got me into her was that she has ties to Greek mythology; and I absolutely love Greek myths. As well as the fact she powerful and fearless, but I think the most important part she handles her shit. Also the idea of Themyscira is pretty cool

Hiketeia is prolly my favorite story so far


I read the Odyssey of the Amazons too! It’s a story I won’t forget. I enjoyed the first part of more than the second part. But - without spoiling anything - I loved that it touched on multiple mythologies.

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I was pleasantly surprised by it. I didn’t think it would suck, just didn’t know what to expect. The art was spiffy too.

Did you know it was written by the guy that voiced Black Beetle on Young Justice?


@JLWWSM, I’m 41 pages into The True Amazon. It’s very good so far.

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