Theme Music

Okay…A new Error by Moderat is a oretty cool Harley Quin tune. (The music from the new Birds of Prey trailer).

I am actually a BIG fan of characters’s and thier signiture theme music. Those building Danny Elfman muted horns tell you Batman is nearby. The majestic John Williams Horns let us know the Last Son of Krypton is on site. I even like the flash and arrow riffs the CW shows have given to those two characters. The Asian strings of Diana’s theme makes me think of Amazons armoring up. Aquaman’s theme music was of course the most serene and slightly muffled.

It’s something DC does really well.


After John Williams finishes with Star Wars, he’d be more than welcome to set up shop with WB and crank out a few more Instant Classics for the cinematic DC pantheon.

imagines a JW GL theme

Oh yes, that would be FBA.

As for music that exists, I think Benjamin Wallfisch’s Shazam! theme is incredible. It’s easily the best DC theme since Danny Elfman’s Batman piece. Yes, really :slight_smile:


The Shazam! theme Official Music Video (per Watertower Music):


Nothing lifts me up after a bad day at work like hearing Superman’s Theme.


Batman Beyond theme it sets the tone of the show and the character so well. The best of any I’ve heard.


Wonder Woman’s theme doesn’t make me think of her specifically, but it is great

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I could listen to Wonder Woman’s theme for hours. <3

That said, there are so many truly epic soundtracks, it’s hard to pick a favorite!

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The Wonder Woman music cue from Batman v Superman is my ringtone.


I’ll not soon forget the X-MEN animated theme, and the Fleischer animated SUPERMAN theme.


I thought your ringtone was ping! :wink:

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