⚔ 🔴 The Zealot Appreciation Thread 🔴 ⚔

No I have not! So many things I haven’t seen! I do remember seeing him in Johnny Dangerously with Michael Keaton. A movie from 1984.


If you’re feeling particularly brave (and bold), you can attempt to see the movie outside of its MST3K environs.

However, if you want to maintain your sanity and enjoy many, many hearty laughs, I heartily recommend the MST3K take on TGSI.

One of '84’s many great movies.


I don’t know a ton of Zealot. But I do have a couple of questions

1 - How do y’all feel about her in the current BOP book? This is my formal introduction to her so I’m curious to hear what the more die hard fans have to say about her characterization here and how you feel about her being included

2 - How is the version of her in the 2017 reboot “The Wild Storm” different and/or similar to her original depiction? Currently reading “The Wild Storm” and was curious if everyone likes how she is presented here


I just thought this was a really cool cover


“No problemo.”

When thou seeks The Goods on Zealot, this is the place to be, McGee.

Love her! Its great to see Zannah kicking ass on a monthly basis, once more!

Well, she-

You’ll answer your own query from above, the more you get into the mag, which is pretty solid, all-around.

I did. It was different than her usual go-around, which was nice. It added a new dimension to Zee and made me an even bigger aficionado of hers.

I think The Wild Storm got lost in the shuffle of Rebirth and everything pertaining to it.

While TWS obviously has absolutely nothing to do with Rebirth, it did come out at a time where most fans were paying much more attention to the core publishing line and what was going on with Rebirth-centric titles than those that had nothing to do with it, ala The Wild Storm.


The Tula Lotay variant for #1 is pretty schweet, too:


Zealot fans unite…and hunt the following mag down, as it isn’t yet in digital:

It is however full of Zealot goodness and then some.

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