The word “curated”

For the first time in my life I found myself looking at Marvel because I got an itch to go deep in on some stories and DC ain’t scratching. I’m looking at Marvel Unlimited and there it is:

Guide your reading with curated reading lists spotlighting Captain America, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Luke Cage and all your favorite heroes!”

I’ve been told that I never should have expected much from DC Universe because they told us it was going to be a curated list of comics. Then there’s Marvel using almost the exact same language and they have almost their entire back catalog offered to consumers.


Well said…and for Marvel, I think “curated” just means ensuring the format and quality is maintained. For DC…not so much


To be fair m, Marvel Unlimited has been around for 10 years. And they can’t just add all of their comics at once, because there’s many factors that go with it such as licensing, royalties, etc.

All that said, it really just remains to be seen where DC Universe goes from here with its comic side. They say it’s a “rotation” of comics, which is a more telling term than “curated”. This means titles could be added AND taken off, which is much different than Marvel Unlimited where most added titles stay on the service. I hope that more titles are added than removed, or at least they are upfront beforehand about what will be removed, but we shall see.

I would like to point out that this service is a streaming service AND a comics service, while still being cheaper than Marvel Unlimited, which only has comics. That said, they weren’t exactly upfront before about how many issues of each title would be included in the service, or whether the comics side of things is meant to be a way to try out comics or is meant to be DC’s version of Marvel Unlimited.

We will really just have to wait and see what happens. But of course, some people who have been expecting an actual DC comics streaming service have already put in money for a whole year of service, so it’s understandable they are disappointed and wanting answers.

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Yeah. The boatloads of incomplete storylines and springboard number one issues is terribly disappointing. My sincere hope is that DC can match what Marvel Unlimited offers.



DCU $75/year
MU $69/year
Netflix portion of Marvel movies and tv shows $6/year (Marvel costs 4% of Netflix budget, 4% of Netflix premium for a year is $6).

DCU subscribers are paying the same for much less content. Marvel didn’t have its entire catalog digitized 10 years ago. DC does today.


Well yeah, if you pay for it yearly instead of monthly and you completely ignore the streaming side of DC Universe. Marvel Unlimited is exclusively a comics subscription service. DC has tons of shows and movies already on the service with a slew of original content on the way. I know a lot of people got this service really just for the comics, and I understand their disappointment. But it’s hard to strictly compare the two services based on price and availability of comics when half of DCU’s model is based on something that MU doesn’t even have.

And as I said, there are more factors at play. It’s not just simply whether or not the comics are digitally available.