The Wild Storm and Michael Cray

Said before I was a Wildstorm Universe fan from the Image days. I thought DC would do great things with these characters and their relationships to traditional DC characters and breathe new life into things.

I was wrong, most of the Wildstorm characters were shoehorned into books they didn’t belong in or ignored outright. I gave up on seeing these heroes, villians, and the ones in the grey for good, then along comes Warren Ellis and the Wild Storm.

I started reading volume 1 the first time I seen it. This wasn’t the old universe, it was very new Lynch is an old fart with no power, Backlash is a crazed killer of Gen12s, Grifter, Zealot, and Emp aren’t on the same side. Harleen Quinzel is a tv producer and Void reads the Daily Planet.

I don’t know what is going to happen in volume 4. Backlash is gunning for Miles Craven, Daemonites are the good guys, and Jenny Mei Sparks is an Apollo and Midnighter away from putting the band back together.

Michael Cray, Deathblow, is dying, being changed, or both. His old boss, Miles Craven, wants him dead, his new boss, Henry Bendix, has him killing the Justice League one person at a time. In the case of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen, so far, they deserve it. I’m halfway through volume 1 of Michael Cray and I don’t know who Bryan Hill is but he can write and I’ve always appreciated N. Steven Harris’ art.

Hopefully Michael Cray will arrive on this site soon, cause it is a good fast read. Cray also has an interesting collection of souvenirs including a clef blade, a shattered boomerang, and an eyeball.

I’m going back to read Cray and see how he kills Aquaman after Barry Allen. This definitely isn’t the old Wildstorm, I don’t know how long the ride is going to be but i’ll be on it until the end.


I love The Wild Storm but have yet to read Michael Cray in depth.

Ellis had hinted at a new WildC.A.T.S book a while back. Maybe at some point after TWS has been over for a bit?


Just read all of the Wildstorm & the Michael Cray story arc.

I absolutely loved it.

Stormwatch vs WildCATS vs Authority vs IO. I can’t get enough.

I really wish the would continue the story into a new take on Gen13 and maybe some Team 7 action too. But this was such an amazing read.


@DCMaster52 Have you read the New 52 take on Team 7? If you enjoyed the original, you might like that.

Assorted members of Gen13 also showed up in The Ravagers, which was pretty fun.


I did, it was pretty great. Kind of short, but not a bad take on an old classic.

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I did read new 52 voodoo and grifter as well. I skipped the new 52 stormwatch.

Any other recommendation?

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Well, Stormwatch is one I’d recommend, but if you decided to skip it, then that’s out.

Midnighter’s solo book from 2015-16 was good, as was the Midnighter and Apollo mini that ran from '16-'17, which followed up on the Midnighter ongoing.

ok, ill check out the Midnighter. Ill also give the 52 stormwatch a shot, if you recommend it. Plus Midnighter and Grifter. Thanks bud.

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