The Wild and Wacky DC Comics Covers of the 50's and 60's Fan Club Starts Here!!

The Wild and Wacky DC Comics Covers of the 50’s and 60’s Fan Club Starts Here!!

Do you crave exploring our digital comics library in search of fantasifull and oddball fun from the 1950’s and 1960’s comics? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!

Well, you are not alone anyway. Post your favorite wacko unbelievable yet utterly entertaining old school DC comics covers here.

Only rule: please only use comics in the current DC Universe digital library!


Let’s see you cram that that in the metaverse Dr. Manhattan!!


I absolutely love these stories!


Oh my…I’m going to like this thread quite a bit…

I collect Superpet covers from that era. Threw up some of my favs. Sorry for the link, I just cannot get the pics to upload in their field.

Anyways, Legion of Super Pets and Bizarro Krypto are definitely favs. I also love how covers of this era would tell a story.


begins Shatner impression

Tempted to make joke… about Robin. Must…hold…back.

ends Shatner impression


It seems like most of the World’s Finest Comics covers of that era were basically Superman and Batman trolling the hell out of Robin.


Ironic when you think about it. Robin is the one named Dick, yet the trolling comes from the other two who are not named Dick.


@DeadmanBrand Imgur site has Direct link you can Copy and paste here when you tap into the photo. A quicker site for creating photo links is

I will use that to post your 3 images below.

Thanks to three fantastic and dirt cheap unlimited comic Services now,I honestly don’t go to the comic book store regularly anymore have no need …

but when I do go I end up spending you know 15-20 bucks or whatever on those fantastic crazy 50’s early 60’s covers that still haven’t been digitized by DC!

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@deadmanBrand , I think I saw this one that is from your link above in the library …I’ll check later , the digital library here


@deadmanBrand #2


@DeadmanBrand #3

I can hear Harley Quinn Smith from the DC Daily Show saying “oh my gosh that’s so sad.”

I think that greencape is groovy, I am hypnotized by it! Great bin discoveries man


When does Jimmy Olson turn into turtle boy?


Thanks @DonEl! Got it working now!

Sharing one more today from my collection (I hope it’s in the digital library): the one that reveals Lex Luthor hates Superman because Lex blames him for losing his hair! Technically from '75 (I think), but I was never any good at following rules.


Thanks yeah I don’t know what it is about these covers they just hypnotize me like a mouse with a cat

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For this one, and it’s from the DCU library, they only tried this maneuver once for some reason…


Seems like a pretty sure thing. Supes’ cape is invulnerable, right?


Alright, one more…

Have this one because the backup is Krypto’s origin story, but the cover is pretty clowny. Again, love how the covers tell a story. It was a different kind of storytelling. It really took the amount of information that could be conveyed in a single image or panel to the extreme. You fly through so much story on a page.


The style was used to tell very silly stories. It was an over-reaction to the new Comics Code, to be sure, but they came up with some marvelously goofy ideas. This was the era of Bat-Mite & Ace the Bat-Hound!


Actually, while I’m here…

I do have one odd request. There’s an issue of Superman that Grant Morrison once mentioned in his book Supergods that I’ve never been able to find. Can find the cover, but I would really like to read it. It’s Superman #125. He sprouts a miniature version of himself that’s more powerful than he is and Superman starts to resent miniature himself when he starts taking all the spotlight from Superman. I don’t know exactly how things are added, but #125 would make my week!

Again, not in the library, but can’t follow the rules.


I’ll check some of my Superman archives

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yep I have a black and white copy in showcase presents Superman number 1 a list or Grant Morrison refers to in Superman 125