The Weekly Recap: Future State Week 1

Hey everyone! Last week I gave a recap explaining every major plot thread from DC heading into 2021. Now that 2021 is here, we got our first taste of the future state and it was a very tasty lick. (Don’t comment on that metaphor, please. Like don’t think about it AT ALL.)

This week we had Death Metal #7, Generations Shattered #1, and Future State: The Next Batman #1, Harley Quinn #1, Flash #1, Superman of Metropolis #1, Wonder Woman #1, and Swamp Thing #1. (I’m ignoring The Dreaming: Waking Hours and Hellblazer because I didn’t read them.

Death Metal had a lot of big things to talk about, but I’m going to save it for next week because I don’t have the time on my hands right now to walk through all the important stuff and we really have 2 months to cover it.

Similarly, Generations: Shattered ended up being super cool, but might be unimportant. Future State however, had a lot to sink my teeth into.

So I thought it would be fun to rank all the stories from Future State this week.

Click here for my Future State Review in order from Worst to best.

Really Bad
#10 Flash #1 → What did I just read? It’s maybe the worst interpretation of the flash franchise I’ve seen. A bunch of unclear action mixed with bad characterizations and weird choices. I really don’t understand why Brandon Vietti thought this would work. It’s a horrible interpretation of Wally. It’s REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. Why is DC choosing this? Just make Wally a good person……it’s not hard….

#9 Mister Miracle part 1 (Superman of Metropolis #1) → I guess it happened? I have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. It wasn’t my favorite art, and a lot of it just didn’t make sense, but it was fine. Some interesting ideas for who this Mister Miracle is, but often I couldn’t tell what was going on and things didn’t make much sense.

#8 The Guardian Part 1 (Superman of Metropolis #1) → This issue did a great job world building, but frankly it left me underwhelmed. I guess looking at it there’s some cool stuff, and some cool ideas, but a lot of story choices didn’t work for me. The world building was awesome, but the guardian characterization was confusing and rough. When it focused on Metropolis’s status quo, it was doing really cool insightful stuff. When it wasn’t, it wasn’t clicking for me.

#7 Superman of Metropolis #1 An adult Jon with a personality? I’ll take it. There are a lot of ideas that only sorta make sense. There’s a perception that s*** went down and now Jon is struggling. Facing self doubt and trying to figure out any solution to his problem. He’s desperate, but most importantly, he’s not clark 2.0. In fact the story goes out of it’s way to make that clear, and as such, this is the most interesting take on “adult” Jon I’ve seen and that alone makes it worth it. Do I think it’s an amazing take? No. But it’s a believable take that gives him something. I’ll take it.

# 6 The Next Batman #1→ Good story, good writing, but a little too much set up. I know there are 4 issues, but it felt a little too much like a "let me explain what happened in the past. There are a lot of small moments that share a lot of really cool info, but the title felt a little all over the place. This story is WELL worth reading though.

#5 The Outsiders Part 1 (Next Batman #1). I really liked the characterization of Katana here. There’s a phenomenal splash action page that did so much to showcase the action happening in a way clear, concise and frankly super cool. I’m stunned they don’t do more of that. (You’ll know it when you see it). Otherwise, the story was decent. Mostly, it was really cool action scenes that kept it together.

#4 Wonder Woman #1 → Lots of fun. Yara Flor is VERY different from Wonder Woman visually and character wise. The art was on point and the story was great. There’s some humor, some fun character moments, but this will be a different wonder woman than you’ve ever probably read.

#3 Swamp Thing #1 → I loved this issue. It breathes such a different take on Swamp Thing. It’s not a story focused on the Rot, the Red, or even a horror story. It’s a post-apocolyptic story about family. It’s a story about inner tragedy and hope, and loneliness. The characters all have very different personalities and feel distinct. The lettering (which I rarely have an opinion on) did wonders to keep the clarity going. I have full faith in Ram V’s upcoming Swamp Man run.


#2 Harley Quinn #1 → I don’t know how I feel about this new version of Harley, but I really don’t care because this might be some of the best art I’ve ever seen for a comic. It felt like I was watching an animated movie play out in real time and it made the comic so much more believable than it might have otherwise. In the small moments without action, the art did wonders to keep it interesting. I thought the story was super interesting and leaning into the smarter side of Harley was cool, but I really just wanted to look at the art, which I’ve never said before in my almost 4 years reading comics.

#1 Arkham Knights Part 1(Next Batman #1). Really cool premise with really cool ideas. I was not expecting to enjoy it so much, but WOW, that was great. It’s very inspired by Tomasi’s run with the Arkham Knight but in the best way possible

So that’s future state. Over all there was a lot of great stuff ( ignoring that flash one), and I can’t wait for next week!! Next week we will get to read

Future State:
Dark Detective #1
Green Lantern #1
Justice League #1
Kara Zor-el, Superwoman #1
Robin Eternal #1
Superman/Wonder Woman #1
and Teen Titans #1
P.S. All of these have "Future State: " and the start of their names.

What were your thoughts this week?
-Nathan Payson (Your friendly neighborhood reporter)


Yeah, I’m definitely not regretting just skipping this one. From the moment I saw the cover and read what they were going to do with Wally, I knew this one wasn’t going to be worth it.

Will have to come back once I read the other stuff.

Future State is very interesting as we learn in Death metal 7 that of course, Rebirth Earth-Rebirth is no longer Earth prime/0, but its also not earth one as there are 2 multiversal energy signatures, with the advent of Doomsday Clock we learn that the primary 52 universe is Earth-0, Earth One is still the graphic novels series universe(new books out this year) now so I am now hoping that Rebirth earth is now Earth 2.
I enjoyed the dystopia, Gotham, I am wondering what the hell is going on with Superman(for a change), am surprised supergirl does not look like Powergirl now…and I really like the new Wonder Woman as she reminds me of Zena and is a bit crazier then Diana in a good way and want to know more about her.

So I am really looking forward to week three’s first Catwoman tie in and finding out who is Catwoman’s new protégé as my current theory is it, Helena Wayne, as its likely The former Earth-Prime is the new Earth 2/earth two aka the earth were Catwoman and Batman always get married…I am also looking forward to Robin eternal and Spoiler and Robins arguments.


It’s just a very confusing convoluted choice. I just didn’t understand the choices. Some of the things the book teases Wally will do in the future are things that just don’t fit who Wally should be, and I worry that they go in that direction. Just let Wally be Wally…not evil Barry.

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Yes, please

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My take on Future State is that it is a different multiverse. I might be completely wrong, but if I am not it is a different Wally. If am wrong, I honestly have no horse in the race as I haven’t read too many Wally West stories.

My biggest question for Future State is what is the end game? Are these going to be digital first series in the future?

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