The Watchmen Motion Comics - All 12 episodes are up

So I don’t know if this has been up for a while and I missed it. But I just saw that all 12 issues of the Watchmen Motion comic are now on DCU. This is very cool, especially since Watchmen the actual comics are not on here.


I finished it last week or so. It’s very good. I prefer it over the live action movie. … minus a few scenes- in particular, Rorschach and the police. Best scene. I apologize for anyone spoiled.

I remember buying this on DVD around the time the movie came out. Aside from the fact that one person does all the voices (it’s a little distracting when he’s voicing Silk Spectre), I thought it was pretty good! It’s one of the better motion comics I’ve seen.

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Its been here since launch the thing that RUINS it, is for females they use a mans voice too! like WAT??

Does it ruin it… or does it make it hilarious?


I’d lean towards it being funny.

How many parts of this were previously available here? I used to have it on DVD and Blu-ray and naturally assumed the whole thing was here when I saw it as I scrolled through the movies/TV section.

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@TheHelloThereDude Been here since Launch? I must have missed it I was sure at launch they only had issue 1. All I have seen sow far was the first one, so didn’t know about the Silk Spectre thing, that is an odd choice.

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At launch, there was one episode, but the episode had chapters one through four. Now, all twelve chapters have their own individual “episode”.

Also, when the narrator tries to speak as a woman, it’s quite humorous. Some of the characters have the same exact voice, but that should be expected when all characters are voiced by the same person.

That’s good news. I came across it on fire stick & watched maybe 5. Then went back next day to watch & it said no stream available. Glad I can finally finish it,it was nagging me.

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Hi DanTheMan1 btw. I’ve been reading comics nonstop ever since the additions, I couldn’t stop myself to do community or anything else I was locked in bad.

@did oh the comics that for sure :slight_smile:

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So is this the entire Watchmen comic? I’ve always meant to read it ever since someone recommended it, but I’ve never gotten around to it.

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