The Warlord Discussion Thread

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Welcome to the Amazing World of Digital Coloring!

Yes, I continue to point out the very strange coloring of the Warlord digital issues. This time issue #7!

First up the amazing color changing barbarian.

Original comic has a barbarian with reddish skin.

Digital he looks kinda purple.

Is he cosplaying Race Bannon from Pursuit of the Po-Ho and dying his skin purple?

Original comic he still has his reddish skin. Maybe he’s from Barsoom?

Digital he is now magically Caucasian. Do different people color these pages. Is there a restoration editor? :man_shrugging:

Original still reddish.

Hey, the guy from Barsoom is back and he’s reddish.

Original the coloring of Machiste is consistent.

Digital I actually like the first panel with the blue pillows as it shows more contrast and pops. I am disappointed in panel 3 where Machiste is suddenly Caucasian. Do different people color each panel? And do the colorists not talk to each other?

The original coloring is realistic and we get a severed hand in a Comics Code comic. Little Travis was like Cool!

Digital, Oh No! Machiste is now purple-ish!

Is he cosplaying Race Bannon?

Will he and the Barbarian from Barsoom be purple long term? Race couldn’t wash the berry based coloring so he had to wait until it wore away.

Hooray! Everyone will be purple like me!



I believe I have been too harsh on the digital versions of the Warlord issues. The coloring seems to be heavily influenced by the 1991 TPB Warlord The Savage Empire.

The “purple” barbarian is much darker than the original comic.

He also looks more Caucasian in panel four.

He’s back to the red toned skin like the original comic. The brightness of the backgrounds also takes away from cohesiveness of the overall page.

Notice how the pastel backgrounds help the entire page flow as the different panels are all variations of a warm palette.

Machiste is much lighter in panel three much like the digital version.

Finally, Machiste is much less “purple” in the TPB version, just darker than the original comic.

Maybe the coloring will improve when the original comics are used as the source material.


I seem to remember warlord comic featured a lost colony of atlantis.


Yes. See Warlord #5 for info on the Atlantean connection. Heck, read the series on DCUI. New issues weekly.


Time for a quick review.

I like the detail that Morgan, Machiste, and Mariah are all wearing green cloaks taken from the hang gliders from the previous issue.

The coloring has improved, but Machiste is feeling a little sickly. In defense of the digital version the TPB had the same coloring.

I love the acting on this page. The snow beast’s anger from the ember being thrown in panel 1. Morgan’s desperation to reach his sword in panel 2. The anger then horror of the last two panels as the snow beast regrets what it has done.

The next page continues with Morgan’s surprise and compassion for the snow beast. The frustration and sadness of the snow beast is clearly shown. I also relate to the snow beast as a nerd/outsider and Morgan’s ability to see past the outward appearances.

The action is great and the last panel is startling and heartbreaking.

The shock, sadness, and anger on Morgan’s face conveys the feelings for his new friend.

The beauty and the beast ending wrapped it all up nicely.

Couldn’t resist.

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I am caught up.

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How do you like it so far?

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Issue #11 is up on DCUI. It is interesting because it is not digitally restored. It is a reprint of 1st Issue Special #8 with a framing sequence.

You would think they would use the restored pages and make the small changes for the reprint. With a program like Photoshop I would think it wouldn’t be that hard to swap in bearded Morgan as the only change on this page.

This page is exactly the same as the restored version. I like both in their own way. I like the slightly darker blue of Morgan’s flight suit and the slightly redder version of Tara’s clothes and hair in the scanned version. I like the foreground rocks being a different gray to give the sense of real distance between Morgan and Tara.

On the last page they removed the second panel of Tara’s face, rearranged and resized the other panels and added a final framing panel. Again it seems simple to make those small changes and just use the restored version. And I still like Tara’s hair slightly redder.

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DCUI Version Hi-Rez Scan (2 MP 1327 x 2048 4.4 MB)

Internet Version Med-Rez Scan (1 MP 1044 x 1600 579 KB)

Why does the Hi-Rez version show more Moire pixelating? Oddly, I like the Med-Rez version.

With the flashback story being released this week, I 100% recommend reading the Origins issue featuring Warlord! I won’t say anything in detail because I don’t want to spoil it, but it turns out there’s much more to Morgan’s soviet “mission” than he realizes. :+1: It’s an interesting story.


Hey Kids Comics!

Specifically, Warlord #15 Digital, Original, and a new twist in French (en Français).

Digital cover and the French cover. I skipped the original as the covers usually don’t differ much.

Page one. The digital version looks like they turned up contrast of the original. The French version is beautifully recolored and presented on glossy paper.

The digital version of the double page spread is striking and well done. The red on Shamballah is a little bright compared to the original that could be a little faded. The French version is the best coloring job and the glossy paper really helps.

This is the first issue that has not been penciled and inked by Mike Grell. Joe Rubinstein does a fine job and doesn’t overpower Grell’s pencils.


The digital version once again suffers from purple man syndrome. In panel one Machiste looks purple and in panel three he is in shadow and is purple and blue.

In the original is Machiste looks good and I like that in panel two Morgan is more natural with a gray shading rather than blue.

The French version perfect with natural coloring on Machiste and Morgan looks great on panel two. I love how in all three versions panel four shows shadows of the foliage on Morgan and Mariah.

The contrast on the digital version has been turned up to 11 especially in the background of panel five. In the other two versions the background is a more muted light green. The French version with its coloring and glossy paper wins again.

The digital version has now gone to 11 cubed! Tara is now dressed in day-glo™ greenish yellow. The word balloons and caption boxes positively glow.

I like the background coloring of panel three of the marble pillar in the original. Not to dark but also not to bright just like Mariah’s hair which provides good contrast.

The French version’s coloring is great with Tara’s buckskins a natural looking light brown. It’s nice to see Morgan and Tara back together, but the way he backhands Mariah is truly evil.

I don’t know if it’s Joe Rubinstein’s inks, but in panel three Mariah doesn’t look like her lithe self. Much more full figured, not that I’m complaining.

As always, Grell’s acting is great. Mariah looks both startled and sad last two panels.

If you want to know what happens next you’ll need to read the full story on DCUI.

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Yeah, back in 1978 I totally missed this joke. :man_facepalming:

The god Shakakhan.

The goddess Chaka Khan.

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Come on Morgan, nobody stays desd in comics.

So Deimos will have his revenge in 13 years minimum. Say what you will about the guy, but he has the patience of a Wobbufett.

I am going to guess destroying that Bauble will come back to haunt Morgan.

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I know some of the coloring is off and such but I’m so happy to be reading this series again.


I’m actually happy that they are using the original comics and their coloring. Much better than the trade paperback coloring.

I love the Warlord and I hope it keeps winning the Backlist Breakout voting so it continues to be digitized.


Have they added more comics digitally? Last time I checked there weren’t many.


@BSDb8coach DCUI is running a quarterly vote called Blacklist Breakout.

The next one should be coming up late September or early October.

Warlord has been in the top 3 vote getters for the first two rounds so they are digitizing 12 issues per round. They’re currently on issue #16 so eight more to go.

Make sure you vote in round three!