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Hello all and welcome to our September Session for the @JSABookClub. This time around we are going to be taking a look at a suitably creepy story from the JSA Classified series called “The Vampire Murders” featuring Doctor Mid-Nite.Before we get into that though it’s time for the…


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  1. Doc Mid-Nite is hunting a murderer during his time off from the JSA. If you were a member of the team and had a few days off would you be doing hero work as he is or would you do something else?

  2. The villain here seems to be exactly what everyone in the town has said: a vampire. Did you believe that MIrcea is one as of the end of the first issue of this story?

  3. Mr Terrific tells Pieter to have faith in science because it will show him the way through this mystery. Do you believe that the answer to this Vampire lays in science?

  4. What did you think of the diagnosis given by the good Doctor for Mircea’s vampiric condition?

And that’s all for this month folks. Next month we will be taking a look at some more from both the 1997 Justice Society of America series and the 1999 JSA series to celebrate the triumphant return of the Justice Society of America. So be on the lookout for that.

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For December: I will be taking a break because of various holiday commitments so I will see you all again in January 2023!

For January 2023: We will be back with the further adventures of the All Star Squadron.

For February: TBD

  1. Hero work is never completely done. Always have to be vigilant.

  2. Yes, when I read story advertised as Dr. Mid-Nite fighting a vampire I expect to read about Dr. Mid-Nite fighting a vampire, not a sun block fan. I am reading a comic book, not a biography of Raul the Handsome.

  3. The vampire myth came from some weird thing that got in coffins and drank the blood from the dead.

It is stupid advice. In this world you must fully expect the worst, that is a vampire. I maintain that in the DC Universe atheists would be seen by the scientific community notably worse than the way flat earthers are in our world.

Science is about observations, and their observations say supernatural forces are attacking all the time, thus science says to always be ready to fight real vampires.

I am just going to say this. By taking that route this story should have been about Mr. Terrific.

  1. That is dumb. Next time just call the experts, Mystery Inc. In this world it is probably considerably easier to make yourself an actual vampire than pretend to be one.

Yeah I did not like this one the first time, and on a reread it is worse. Disappointing ending. It reminds me of how Rick Riodan writes fantasy battles. It is decent advice in the real world (sometimes) but when you actually put it in context of the high fantasy they live in, then it is just nonsense

Mr. Terrific Logic- I have taken on ghosts, time travelers, the god of time, the wrath of God, the vengeance of God, the lord of chaos, the darkness embodied, and 5th dimensional imps, but observations say undead blood suckers do not exist.


That is so true. There is always something that needs attending to. Guess you can’t expect one of the spandex crew to just sit around doing nothing when there are bad guys in need of chasing.

Yeah that’s what I was expecting to.

I never knew that. Interesting.

As for the rest. I though it was silly advice given that the DCU is chock full of the supernatural, not to mention flying men, aliens and people who have powers that defy explaination. Vampires existing in such a universe would not be unexpected or the most unusual thing either. Come on Terrific.

Yeah, I wasn’t all that pleased with this story either. Guys who fight all manner of weirdness on the daily can’t believe in the possibility that vampires could exist in their world? It doesn’t make sense.


Honestly, I would probably be partying. I would be using that JSA credibility to get into all the best nightclubs while making Jay Garrick very ashamed and concerned about me. But! I wouldn’t turn a blind eye to injustice if I happened to run into it while partying…

Funny enough, not too long ago in the Superman Thread I mentioned that I don’t like vampires in my superhero stories. For some reason, I just don’t like that genre mix even though I’m cool with almost any other genre leaking in to my superhero world. Luckily, in this story, Mircea was not a “traditional” supernatural vampire. Dr. Mid-Nite was able to explain it all using science. However, I like how the story ended with some ambiguity about what makes a “real” vampire. I mean, Mircea is pale, has sharp teeth, super-strength, lurks in the dark, and drinks blood. That’s a vampire, right? Even if his origins were more medical and drug related than supernatural, he became a monster and his mind did the rest by providing the symbolism to make him a vampire. Maybe that’s all the supernatural is: Our minds giving symbolism to the world around us.

It certainly seemed that way by the end. Dr. Mid-Nite could explain almost everything through science and medicine. Yet, he did not seem convinced. I think that’s because science could explain what physically happened to Mircea but is a bit fuzzy on explaining the motivations behind his actions and beliefs.

I just hope it’s right. Otherwise we’re going to have to deal with a vampire outbreak in Portsmouth City, and I can’t be called into action with the JSA tomorrow. I have a Halloween party to attend…

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Do not worry, I will handle the vampire outbreak, because I’m Batman.


Yeah, I certainly wouldn’t either.

I like that and I don’t always like genres to mix in my superhero stories either.

As for the supernatural itself I take a different view of the supernatural since I am of Native American decent and there have been shaman in my family. I have also experienced things that I couldn’t explain so I do think there are things exist outside of the realm of human understanding.

Hey, Batman save some for the rest of us once in awhile will ya!

Geez old man can’t accept help amd I have some silver bullets all set to go even.


See, Jay, it’s fine. The Bat-Family is on it. That means we don’t have to do anything… Jay, don’t look at me like that! … Fine, I’ll go get the others…

That’s cool! And I definitely believe in “something out there” even if I’m not exactly sure what that something is.

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Now we got us a posse for huntin’ down them vampires! Let’s see if we can be a better Batman than Batman!

I’m not sure what that something is either. I only know it’s there.

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