The Unquestionable Ranking of Rebirth Titles

This is a new order updated with new titles and changed opinions upon further reading.

I have read at least the first arc of all of these and the full series of many of them. Since I am some random guy on the internet, clearly my opinion must be the objective and unquestionable truth.

Fight me if you disagree. Or don’t.

Great Series

New Superman
Superman (2016)
Detective Comics (Tynion)
Action Comics (2016)
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
Doomsday Clock
Batgirl and Birds of Prey
The Wild Storm
Wonder Woman (Rucka)
Wonder Woman/Conan

Good Series
Super Sons
Red Hood the Outlaws
Justice League (2018)
Bane Conquest
Man of Steel (2018)

Wonder Woman (Robinson)
Green Lanterns
Action Comics (Bendis)
Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad
Hawkman (2018)
Wonder Woman (Orlando)
Kamandi Challenge
Teen Titans
The Silencer
Batman Beyond
Wonder Woman (Fontana)

Meh Series
Superman (Bendis)
Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special
All-Star Batman
Detective Comics (Hill)
Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor
The Terrifics
Supergirl (Orlando)
Catwoman (2018)
Suicide Squad

Bad Series
Green Arrow
Dark Knights: Metal
Justice League (2016)
Justice League of America (2017)
The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman
Harley Quinn
Bombshells: United
Odyssey of the Amazons
Blue Beetle


“Huh I wonder which ones they like the best…”

*immediately sees #1 is Batman”

pained screaming


How far are you into Batman?


But besides that I mostly agree with your list. I would switch Action Comics and Superman though.


My Opinion

Great Series

  1. Superman
  2. Detective Comics
  3. Wonder Woman
  4. Green Lanterns
  5. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  6. Aquaman
  7. New Superman
  8. Titans
  9. Deathstroke
  10. Hellblazer

Good Series

  1. Batman

Meh Series

  1. Action
    13 Flash
  2. Batgirl and Birds of Prey
    15 , Hal Jordan and the Green
    Lantern Corps
  3. Teen Titans
  4. Trinity
  5. AllI-Star Batman
  6. Nightwing
  7. Suicide Squad

Bad Series

  1. Batman Beyond
  2. Supergirl
  3. Green Arrow
  4. Cyborg
  5. Justice League
  6. Superwoman
  7. Harley Quinn
    28, Blue Beetle

I started reading Batman 2016 in the I Am Bane storyline which was just fine from what I saw and then I kept up with the series as it was coming out. The next storyline was where Bats proposed and I thought everything from there forward for awhile was excellent. The best man Joker and botched wedding were okay and then I really enjoyed the Bruce Wayne on a jury story. Then there was the KGBeasf story which was the only one I’d describe as bad that I’ve read. I let my subscription lapse around then partially because I got this app.

I’ve now read and greatly enjoyed the first arc of Batman via the DCU and am finishing up Night of the Monster Men which is meh, but that’s not really a King story.

I know a lot of people say it’s gotten worse and worse, and maybe it has. For what I have read, the excellent moments way outshine the few poor moments more than any other run I’ve seen.

I still don’t really get any of the criticisms. They usually sound like someone isn’t even reading the same stuff as me.

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Turok’s in the same basic neighborhood as me. Cool. I hope some more people will play.

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My Rebirth ranking:

-Action Comics
-Suicide Squad (Jim Lee’s run)
-everything else

I don’t actually rank Cyborg that high, but I do enjoy the series to a substantially thorough degree and find it to be unfairly criticized in reviews I’ve read.

The guy that voiced Black Beetle on Young Justice (Kevin Grevioux) wrote Cyborg for a few issues too. He also wrote the Odyssey of the Amazons mini-series.

My bottom ranking Rebirth title would be Nightwing. Possibly my least favorite series to star the character.


“1. Batman”

Alright, let’s fight.


@BatWatch In my opinion Tom Kong’s storytelling started to get really bed with the War of Jokes and Riddles and it’s just been getting worse ever since. It’s dissolved into an illogical puddle of meaningless noise that’s trying to pretend to be deep. Which is a shame since Tom King can And has written good things in the past.


And it was mediocre before Jokes and Riddles

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“Bad” is supposed to replace bed, not mediocre

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I found I like the Suicide Squad backup stories much more than I liked the main story, and I had trouble latching on to anybody. I was bored for the first half of the first arc of the main story though it warmed up by the end. Perhaps this would be better if I had kept up with the Suicide Squad series leading up to this one.

I enjoyed the first issue or two of Cyborg then felt I was watching the same thing over and over again for the next several issues with completely flat villains. I also seem to remember some inauthentic dialogue.

I actually enjoyed the Nightwing arc fairly well when I first read it, and then it just kind of seemed less enjoyable the more I thought about it. Thinking back on it now, I think it had some interesting ideas, but Nightwing almost seems like an afterthought in his own series. He doesn’t feel very active but rather seems to be pulled through the plot by Raptor or whoever that new character who is “Better than Batman” is. The pacing was also off in that series.


Come on. Come on. I want you to do it. I want you to do it. Hit me. Hit me! HIT ME!



I love War of Jokes and Riddles. So what specifically makes it bad writing to you?

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Green Arrow, All-Star Batman, and Red Hood and the Outlaws should be higher IMO.


Batman is the definitive #1, though. I love Tom King’s writing. Also, I didn’t note this in my last post but Tomasi’s Superman is (pardon the pun) leaps and bounds ahead of Jurgens’ Action Comics. Both are good, though.

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I found the first arc of Green Arrow to be a mess. The skinless banker villains made no sense. Why are you taking off your own skin? How pleasurable can all your money be without skin. Most fun things require skin to enjoy! Why are Ollie and Canary acting like longtime lovers when they only had sex once a minute before Ollie was captured? Do you have any idea how many times I’ve seen the, “Look at this new character who we’ve never shown before that’s really close to the protagonist. I sure hope he doesn’t turn out to be an evil super villain!” trope play out? The only option for that character was evil or death.

I’m just not a big Snyder Batman fan. The Bat God annoys me though I can see the positives and understand why many like that portrayal.

I really enjoyed RHATO. Wasn’t in my top ten, but it was close.

I read the first arcs Action Comics and Superman several months before I read most of these other series and I originally thought Superman was better as well, but when I was trying to rank them, I realized I remembered much more from Action than Superman which is why I gave it the edge.

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Percy’s green arrow is good should be higher so should sam humphries Green lanterns flash has been good to me up untill this year one thing the writer insisted on doing Dan abnetts Titans and aquaman were great I like Batman Superman was decent but it and action has been good since bendis took over imo the back up little origin stories in suicide squad from the start of rebirth are great night wing was great up untill this ricsaster I honestly think the only books I didnt really enjoy are Harley Quinn Batman beyond redhood and the outlaws batgirl but TBH those are all characters that I’m either not in to or just don’t feel like I’m the target audience for so they could be great for all I know I gave everything 6 issues at the start of rebirth if I didnt mention the book here I just thought it was ok or didn’t care for it

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@BatWatch Why does Snyder’s Bat god annoy you but Tom King’s I Am Suicide arc doesn’t? I think Tom King’s run on Batman also has a lot of Cat god, which I don’t like.